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    Dont know if this is popular style in your neck of the woods. Its popular in Morocco & Turkey ,lots of regional variants but heres mine. It can be made as a marinade for baking chicken or fish or tweaked a bit for red meats. I  make this version loosen it with a bit of white wine lather it over big chunky fish or chicken & bake it. Im sure you clever types can adapt it to your cooking style.

    I bunch flat leaf parsley,1 bunch of cilantro(coriander) 4 cloves garlic,1red onions or = amount shallots ,dried red chilli soaked in hot water for a bit. How much chilli is up to you. Whiz this up roughly in food processer. Then add 1 teaspoon sea salt,1 teaspoon cracked black pepper,1 teaspoon ground coriander seed 2 teaspoons ground cumin 1teaspoon smoked paprika,1 teaspoon tumeric ,1 teaspoon of ground fennel seed. Then juice & zest of 2 lemons or rind of preserved lemon if you have it. Healthy slurp of olive oil. Whiz again. Some people would toast whole spices then grind them, up to you. Mix should be wet so add a little white wine if you like.

    I like mine green so I use big bunchs of herbs,you can also add fresh mint if you like or a teaspoon of ras el hanout but I think thats overkill. I bake marlin/swordfish/hapuka in this mix or put it on chicken part through cooking if grilling or at start if baking.It can be used as a dipping sauce but make it a bit thicker & leave out wine. I think it helps to let it sit for a bit before using it. I wouldnt let fish marinade for long. Extra garlic or chilli up to you. It will keep if you put it in a container with a layer of olive oil on top then refigerate. Couple of days no problem. Enjoy
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    Sounds like a great recipe!

    Thanks for sharing it!
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    Sounds great, I'm alway's looking for something different. 
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    Sound real good thanks for sharing
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    I bet this stuff does go great on chicken like you said. Gonna have to give it a try. I'm imagining some of this coating on some drums and thighs, then either grilled or oven roasted for the sunday games' feast! Thanks for sharing.

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    I put it on whole chicken that I open out flat by cutting down the back. Then grill it but oil grate first,works best if you only rub topside & grill bottom side first or grill topside without mix ,turn then put rub on. Just to stop green herbs burning,will work on thighs no problem. Also good on lamb cutlets.

    I also do this little guy its called zhug. Process 2 big bunchs of cilantro with 6 fat cloves of garlic & as much rehydrated hot chilli as you dare. 4-6 maybe It keeps better if you use dry chilli. Add decent slurp of olive oil. Then blend in spice grinder 1 teaspoon black pepper,1 teaspoon caraway seed,3 cardamon pods,1/2 teaspoon rocksalt. Add this to food processor.WHIZ. Add 1/4 cup cold water. 

    Whiz. Then turn out into saucepan,bring to boil gently ,simmer 10 minutes. Cool place in jar little oil on top .Keep in fridge . Use as a condiment or as a base for other creations. Keep the ratio of ingredients & make as big a batch as you want. Its the only good thing I can think of that ever came out of Yemen.

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