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  1. 2nd smoke

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    I have worked in both a meat packing plant and at a retail meat store so I'm pretty good at sharpening knives but to do it right it takes a long time when you have quite a number of knives to do. I have tried a few different brands of knife sharpeners and found they either didn't get the knife very sharp or they didn't have enough power.

    I found this one at Fleet Farm and it has worked great. It' fast and when your done you could shave with the knife. I cost about $120 and worth it in my opinion. [​IMG]

    It only takes about 1 minute per knife the first time to get the bevel correct then after that it's only 20 - 30 seconds when you have to re-sharpen.

    I just have to make sure to tell the wife when I do it so she doesn't cut herself when the knife goes through so easy.
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  2. wjordan52

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    I've never owned a decent knife sharpener, but this sounds like one worth saving my pennies for. Thanks for the review smoke.
  3. kathrynn

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    I am looking around for ideas on sharpeners too.  A good friend recommended this one....said it's the only one he will ever use.  It's on Amazon too.

  4. 2nd smoke

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    Just checked on Amazon, $99.95 and free shipping.[​IMG]
  5. 2nd smoke

    2nd smoke Fire Starter

    I like the sissors sharpener on this one.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    I don't use an elect. sharpener, I like the exercise I get with my Tri-stone...100 easy strokes per side per stone... it'll cut a Wisper...just takes time , you know my "Patience " thing [​IMG]
  7. kathrynn

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    AND....I have a guy that comes to my Quilt Shop and sharpens scissors and knives too.  He works cheap...and does a great job too! [​IMG]

  8. papacurtis

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    I have an ancient full set of chicago cutlery, we got as a wedding gift 28 years ago. I bought an emery strap wheel for my garage grinder sharpener that i use for various garden tools. It works great. However, they are carbon steel. I would not use it on stainless blades, like my Sadoku chef knife. For those i use a stone or steel.
  9. gamehawg

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    Worksharp knife and tool sharpener is outstanding.  only 69 bucks and you can use if for scissors etc.

    worksharptools dot com
  10. fpnmf

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    I have the same unit..

    Very happy with it..


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