"Chef" style grilled cheese smoked chuckburgers

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  1. I covered the bread with a thin layer of my homemade aioli and turned it face down.  The aioli has a high temp tolerance so the bread does not burn before the cheese is melted.

    The other side gets a thin layer of mustard on one piece and one of my homemade Kansas city style bbq sauce on the other.  Then comes the cheddar on the mustard side and pickle relish on the KCbbq side.

    The mozzarella and Monterey jack are stacked next.  Thin, 

    thin, thin is the key here!

    4 pats of good butter on the skillet and the aioli coated bread goes on.  Meanwhile, the smoked chuck burgers are warmed on low heat and the vidalia, cocoa tomato and romaine are prepped.

    And there you have it.  Should I get my cholesteral checked?
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    Nice burgers!  They look mighty tasty!


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