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    Hi...I have a Pub/Restaurant in Camino, CA...we had been serving pre-packaged foods and now are approved to expand the menu...I plan to smoke various meats an veggies for sandwiches and meals...I recently have been gifted a Masterbuilt Smoker Model # is like new and I'm excited to get started...I'm very open to ideas, suggestions...etc...could seriously use some help with a printable manual/instructions...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chef Stefano,

    Welcome to SMF.  You will find lots of great smoking recipes, tips, advice, etc.  Just need to sit down in front of the computer with a glass of wine and start snooping around.  This place has separate forums for each of the different meats, etc.   My only concern for you is the size of your smoker for a retail food place.   If you really get into smoking, I envision seeing you get another or bigger smoker in due time.

    Have fun learning and experimenting.   Post what you do and take pics.
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Lots of MES owners on here to get you going!

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    Welcome to the SMF Family...Wow, Prepackaged food. Doesn't exactly let you put 2 years of Culinary School and/or your years training in other restaurants to good use. With the Bar/Restaurant I was partners in, the convenience foods had their place for the huge volume of finger foods and bar snacks we did. But we did the majority of our menu from scratch. The Specials were created to test a dishes popularity to be added to future menus. You are really going to enjoy ACTUAL Cooking and putting your talent to work. Congrats on the Smoker and getting to make real food.[​IMG]...Below is the manual you are looking for. Your specific model is not listed but it should be the same...JJ
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    Welcome to the group.  If you are looking for ideas and good food, you came to the right spot.

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