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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by jon foster, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Does anyone make home made cheese here? I don't mean smoking cheese already made. I mean making cheese from scratch...

  2. I have but it has been awhile. I just bought a book on it and went for it. You will need some specialty items like rennet, a dairy thermo and a cheese press just to name a few, depending on what type you want to make.
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  4. Got14U, thanks for the link! I did a search for "making Cheese" and didn't come up with any hits...

  5. got14u

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    No prob I put a weird title on it so it would probably be hard in a search. I love making cheese [​IMG]
  6. Good thing you live in Wyoming! I'd be coming over for fresh cheese every day!

    Ya, I think cheese might be an addiction for me. Do you guys remember Dom DeLuise? Many years ago he had his own cooking show. I loved him and his show. Well, on one episode he was sitting behind a huge table of cheese. All kinds of cheese... It was awesome looking. Well, he opened the scene by saying cheese was his favorite food. Then made a gesture towards himself and commented on his size. I think of that scene every time I kill a brick of Feta or some other hunk of cheese that didn't have a chance...

  7. I've got a Stilton in the cheese cave right now. It's gonna be hard waiting for the next couple of months just to cut one open. Then another month or two before they are realy ready.
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    Glad I came across this post. Have wanted to make my own cheese forever. Is there a "bible" so to speak on cheese making? Like Ryteks book is to sausage making?

    I don't think my wife could handle another hobby of mine LOL.
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    I made some mozzerella once... it was fun. I would love to learn how to make some of the more complex cheeses. might be a new category here!

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