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  1. I have 2 successful cheese smokes under my belt. I was doing batch 3 today and ran into a snag. My first 2 smokes were both 3 hours in my PID Big Chief. No electric, just my AMNTS with cherry and apple. Today I did alder but at 3 hours there was almost no color, and a quick taste had almost no smoke flavor. It ended up going about 8 hours. Just seemed kind of weird. Any idea on what might have happened? Smoker temps were 70 to 75. Weather in the 50's for all the smokes.
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    Alder is a very mild smoke. Good for Fish. Apple is stronger and Cherry is well known for contributing a Mahogany Color to smoked food. Your switch to Alder is the reason for the anemic color and mild flavor...JJ
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  3. Thanks, I kinda thought that might be the issue. Guess I will leave the alder for fish.
  4. wade

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    I like hickory for my cheddar cheese as it gives it a sweeter smoke flavour.- but very little colour.
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    Just read your other post,, good smoke,, see a little color huh??

  6. Thanks. Went back to the cherry

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