Cheese, Eggs, Butter, Lox with an AMPS

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  1. So I've been waiting on my buddy to get around to welding the fire box for my UDS. It's completely finished except that part, and I couldn't wait anymore. I decided to try out my AMPS in my Weber Grill since temps have been un-seasonally cool this week. I loaded up on some cheese at BJs, hard boiled some eggs, cured some Salmon (using the New England Provisions method), and put 2 rows of Hickory pellets in the AMPS. I need to go spend some money there and get more kinds of wood.

    Check out the results!

    Here she is, all loaded up. Throughout the smoke, temps didn't go about probably 75 inside the smoker, it was about go outside. My thermometer at times read 101, which is on the hot side. I had to tent foil over the AMPS (it went out once due to moisture and I had ice packs around it below), and I think that right in the center of the grill at the top of the foil it was a little warmer. But even the few inches above the grill, it was much closer to outside temps. It definitely wasn't 100 all around, and nothing melted.

    Here are the eggs. I pulled them off after a little over an hour. They are good with a little bit of salt, but a little on the strong side.

    Here's the butter. Pulled it off right after the eggs. It took the smoke surprisingly well, and it's a little strong to eat plain. But when do you ever eat plain butter? I put some on a bagel and it was delicious. Also mixed up a tiny bit of Honey Butter and I would strongly recommend it. It's delicious and it mellows the smoke while enhancing it at the same time. Definitely going to make a bigger batch with the smoked butter that's sitting in my fridge.

    Here's the cheese after 2 hours. I would normally let it go three (I did a test-cheese-round a few weeks ago), but it was late and I had to go to bed. Sharp White Cheddar, Gouda & Mozz. A little on the weak side.

    This was actually taken before I added smoke. This I guess would technically be "lox" while the smoked salmon is Nova. Either way, the smoked salmon is my masterpiece. 2 hours on the smoke after 2 days of salting/drying in the fridge. As a kid who grew up eating this at Jewish delis, eating half a bagel with this stuff after I pulled it off the smoker (and after eating a whole bagel with it unsmoked) made my night last night.

    All in all, not bad for my first try!
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  2. Looks good and you gotta do what you gotta do! Glad the weather was cooperative for cold smoking.

    I did edit your thread to remove the link for the salmon curing process. The Terms of Service were updated in late June, because Jeff doesn't really want any off site links posted here. You can find the off site links info about a 1/3 of the way down in the TOS.

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