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  1. So after reading a bit on the cheese forum here, am I to understand that no heat smoking is ok for the long as theres smoke? I read anything under 90 is good but some will go absolute cold... True? Im planning to do some sharp cheddah real soon and I have a barrel smoker so it may be hard to maintain a cooler temp with smoke..
  2. java

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    get an amazen smoker, the easiest cold smoke you will ever do. i use mine for cheese, bacon, fish,eggs ect.

    super inexpesive smoking accessory.
  3. eman

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    you can smoke cheese w/ a NEW soldering iron, a tin can, some chips and a cardboard box.

     I have done it a few times . Now i too have the amns and amnps
  4. scarbelly

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    The guys have steered you right - either method should work well - just remember to wait the two weeks for it to cure
  5. I've been using a Wood Burner, a deep coffee mug and an old beer cooler. Works real good. I just smoked 4 lbs yesterday with apple wood.

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