Cheapskate sous vide...I know, I know

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jeepsjeep, Apr 20, 2016.

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    I just had to try it....always wanted to, but won't spend the ~$400 on the real deal.  I'm aware of some of the food safety items I crossed, I'm sure there is more, live and learn, I will always be open to learning more.Here's what I did: I put my temp probe in my small crock pot last night, filled with water and set it at "keep warm" setting.  After 3.5 hours it settled right near 140 degrees.  So, this morning I went to the store and bought these 4 little steaks (eye rounds 3/4 inch) for the cheap price of $4.28.  I sprinkled some homeade Montreal seasoning on each, a dash of A1, and vacuum packed em.  I ran the tap water to about 120 degrees before filling the crock pot, vacuum sealed the cheap steaks, and set em in.  I returned home 6 hours later and the temp was reading 140 degrees.  I pan seared each over EVOO high heat, about 45 seconds per side, then cut to eat, no real resting.  The wife and kids wouldn't be home for another hour, so I ate one by myself, and wow was that tasty steak!!  When they got home they also really enjoyed this cooking method, I may have buy a new large dial setting slow cooker with external temp controller!!  I'll try to put the pics in order...ok, won't let me load em atm, I'll try again after my next beer
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    In the vacuum seal

    warm water crockpot


    Before the sear, sorry no after sear pics, only the cut

    the cut, not medium rare but close as the crock pot reached darn near 140 degrees
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    The steaks look really good.... Hey..... temp is temp.... don't matter how expensive a unit you have or use... It still delish......  [​IMG]...
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    Not being a cheapskate at all.

    I have placed steaks in a pot of water both in a smoker set at 130° and on a stove top and cooked for several hours, works for me.

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    The smoker,,,,what a great idea, being able to set the temp digitally and all, thanks Mr T.  Glad I'm not alone in my attempts at wife sometimes asks "what the heck is that, and what are you doing?"  But, most of the time shes happy with my little experiments, she does think I have a little addiction to smoking, oh well.  Glad to hear this last one wasn't breaking any rules of food safety!
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    Been wanting to try Sous Vide myself, but didn't want to spend the $.

    Thanks for the idea.

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    Good idea.  There's no way I would ever spend that kind of money either--I would much rather spend it on meat for the MES.


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