cheap and reliable place for wood ?

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  1. I only use cherry pecan and want to try peach I prefer logs over chunks for my smoker loves the fuel I can go through a whole bag of chunks in 2 hrs from academy. So need bulk for I cook almost every other day or so...
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    Justin, morning.....  Please put Tuscaloosa, Al in you Profile so folks know where you are at.... Makes it easier to answer...

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    Don't know if there are any peach orchards over there but I know there are some in western Georgia, you could probably get trimmings from one of them.
  4. Check with some of the peach orchards in Chilton Co.  They ought to have some dead peach trees just waiting to be hauled off.
  5. Awesome thanks I thought my profile said Tuscaloosa ill check it out right now and I'll Google some orchards in that area thanks
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    Craigslist! Always people begging to have someone come and remove their fallen trees and if you don't have a chain saw to get the free wood click into the for sale section. People here are selling rick of split oak, cherry, maple or apple for 30-45 bucks
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    Not to hijack a thread but how much is in a Rick?
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    A Rick is 8'X4' X 16" , that's 480c.f. of wood, enough for a nice Summer of cooking (unless you want a lot for big parties.)
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    A few weeks ago I found a place called , I ordered a 20 lb. box of cherry, peach and apple . after reading their website I learned a lot about wood and how to use it. super nice people and delievery as promised .
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    A friend of mine from church trims trees- I get all my wood from him for free in return for some bbq, its a fair trade off for sure.  I would hope most tree trimmers know their tree type by look.  I am sure any tree trimmer would be up for making a few bucks selling the lumber.  I would also suggest craigslist-  I have been through Tuscaloosa- all the way down to Greensboro, seems like everyone had a pecan tree- trim off a few a branches- let them dry and roll!

    Otherwise i get 50# bags of hickory or mesquite at cabellas for about $15.  i have seen the bags at other sporting goods/outdoor stores.  You could also ask a local bbq restaurant where they get their wood.

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