cheap and easy pork chops

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mike krantz, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I tried several diffrent rubs some bought and some I made up as I went along. The one I liked the best was a store bought with a little change

    rub Grill creations st louis style chicken and rib rub all over the chops.
    then coat one side with brown sugar or honey worked good to. Allow that to sit in the fridge over night or prepare in the morning for dinner on the same night. I used a mixture of smoke chips they were apple maple and hickory smoked them at 150f to 170f for one hour and then turned up the heat and closed the damper way down to hold in the heat and smoke until done. my wife and 25 of our friends loved them.
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    Sounds tasty.
    I love the weimars - used to have one. Good dog she was.

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    hopefully you are not talking about the exhaust damper are you?
  4. audioxtremes

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    "Oh noes, your gonna die dood!"

    No really I wouldn't trap the smoke with the food.
  5. I've got three exhaust dampers on my smoker two have dampers and one does not. I shut the one down and close the other one about half way. The intake is always wide open. there is still plenty of air circulating and exhausting. by shutting the dampers down I am slowing the smoke down or so I thought. Could be doing something wrong but not sure what.
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    to control temps better, the exhuast should be WIDE control temps with the INTAKE slow down the smoke with the close off the exhaust dampers, you could be creating creosote...........
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  8. Its been a long day so please excuse the stupidness. I've got a home made electric smoker with an electric stove element and oven t-stat for a control would that still be controlled in the same manner? I know that with wood and or charcoal you control everything with the intake. Actually in the time it took to type this I just answered my own question and can't belive I was doing it with the exhaust. If you control the intake you control the draft. Like I said sorry for the idiot coming out to play

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