chargriller duo w/ SFB - made a baffle and plate- How did I do

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    I've only smoked once with this grill and I just extended the stack and inverted the charcoal tray.  3 racks of ribs came out pretty tasty and fall of the bone, just the way I like em.  I did get a little char on the tips and had some trouble regulating the temps so I figured these two mods would help the most with that.  I did this tonight and I also plan to seal up any leaky spots with fireplace caulking.

    looking for any feedback on my plate and suggestions for other easy mods I might be able to do before July 4th as I plan to smoke that day.


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    After looking at the second pic I would think that the baffle in the first pic is not needed.
  3. Well I seemed to be having trouble getting the temps up to 225-235.  It wanted to sit right at 200.  I was using cowboy hardwood natural charcoal and mixing in some kingsford charcoal and added Cowboy hickory wood chunks for smoke.  I theorized that I was not getting enough airflow and also the temp from one side to the other was about 40 degrees difference so I took out the smaller of the plates and moved the larger one to the firebox side.  After a while this got the temps to within 10 degrees side to side, still slightly hotter on the firebox side.  I was still having a hard time getting to 225-235 though.

    Based on all of that info I think I need to use a basket in the firebox to allow the fire to breath better. Am I thinking about this correctly or could it be something else that I need to change? [​IMG]    I don't completely understand what features I need to build into the box/basket to do this.  I'll probably use the expanded steel as that seems to work well for others.  Is there an optimal shape?  [​IMG]  What about the distance from the bottom of the basket to the bottom of the SFB and the sides also?  My neighbor is a metal worker and has the skills and tools to build it out of other materials as well if there's better options.

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