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  1. I have aquired a used smoker and it is in good shape. I needed to clean it well, powerwasher and elbow grease, to avoid what I thought was an eminent fire. After I did that I started my normal coals in the firebox and added some hickory to see how it heats up and where the smoke rolls out of or leaks in the lid seal. I found a couple of places where I made some adjustments and it is much better now. I was a little upset when I found the temp gauge in the lid was only reaching 175 or so. I placed a probe on the grate and measured about the same (~185). I tried to fool with the amount of air feeding my firebox and too much I got a fire so I cut it back a little. I had an awesome smoke form the stack and even adjusting that baffle on the top did not make too much difference in internal temp of the smoker. 

    I am lost and confused as I no longer know where to look to make an adjustment anymore. The plethora of experience here and the different pits we all have, I'm sure there are users out there with the same problem and how they solved it. 

    Thanks and cheers!
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    I've recently found the a wood fire is needed in the side box to get the main grill chamber up to a good smoking temperature. now I just need to learn how to manage the fire so I get a good burn without adding more wood every 5 mins...
  3. Airflow is the key to getting a hot fire. Is the smokestack wide open? It should be. Is the fire in the side box elevated so air can flow under it? Did you extend the smokestack down to the grill surface? There are many threads on here on how to optimize a side box smoker.
  4. Thanks Alelover!

    I did not have the stack all the way open, I'll try that next time. I do have the sidebox elevated so the coals are off the ashes and there is airflow. I have not down much to it yet as I want to see how it performs and heats first. I have some dryer vent (flexable) that I will do that to. I have read many of the threads but I am new to this type of smoker. I came from a UDS for about 8 years so I am not sure how this is compared to the UDS. 

    What kind of ale do you drink? I have a Poppen' Cherry Wheat and a Banana Creme Pie Ale.
  5. I make IPA, brown ale, porter, hefeweisen. Sometimes a Belgian or a honey-wheat. IPAs are the fave though.
  6. Leave the stack wide open and adjust temp at the inlet. Make sure you seal up all the leaks too.
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