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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by smokin monkey, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Hi Davey, I have started a new thread regarding Charcoal Baskets, as we like to try and keep the Roll Call clear of general chat.

    So I have a project on at the moment and needed a Charcoal Basket, now I knew I had a small round BBQ, which has a Charcoal Basket, but as these things go, it was too big!!!

    So looking around the workshop for something to use.

    Gas Cylinder. (Please do research on how to safely cut Gas Cylinders!)

    Cut the Cylinder just above the weld, using the weld for guidance.

    Left the bottom ring on so it stands well, then drilled 10mm holes around the bottom at about 100mm intervals.

    Then I cut two racks from some stainless steel mesh I had, the reason for two as you can see, I have off set them so the holes are smaller and cheap charcoal (small pieces) will not drop through?

    Lit some charcoal up in a starter and emptied in to the basket to do a burn in.

    Hope this gives you some ideas, if you want a bigger diameter basket, then you could look at a Beer Keg?
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Another good option is to take a cooking grate that fits in your smoker and then wrap the sides with expanded metal. The expanded metal can be welded to the grate or wire tied. Here's a few that I have made.

    Wire tied


    The one for my UDS, with feet and built in ash catcher.
  3. smokin monkey

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    Thanks for the pictures Dirtsailor, one of our UK members is looking for ideas on Charcoal Baskets for a UDS build.
  4. davey6

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    Sorry i totally missed this until today! No idea how.

    I went with a similar build to the grate and expanded steel in the end.

    I'd post a picture but my phone is refusing to upload them to my dropbox at the minute.

    My expanded steel is a lot smaller in diameter though, resorted to amazon as I was struggling to get a large enough sheet.
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