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  1. I think I will start a new thread

    I have a two door, square, vertical Brinkmann.

    15" deep  X 16" wide   X  30" tall

    I plan on insulating it with 1" of cement board (two 1/2 sheets on the sides and back, 1/2 sheet on the front) and a pizza stone in the bottom.

    I would like to change it to a electric, using two toaster ovens.

    What I need to understand is the use and settings of the vents.

    My smoker has 4  -   4"vents.

    Two upper and two lower.

    The lower ones I think are used to control the lower draft and heat.

    The uppers are used to dump the smoke.

    So are you saying that all four should be open all the way?

    Or should the two upper be opened all the way and the two lower adjusted for temp and draft control?

    Would I need the both uppers opened.

    Do electrics need the two lower vents?

    Could I close off the two lower or maybe close one of them?

    Do I need both of the upper vent?

    I would like to hang the electronics on the side of the smoker.

    I already know that the thermometer is about 50 degrees low, so I would ether get several good electronic thermometer or get one electronic and wire in a oven thermostat control.

    I am getting confused about this.

    I have only used one upper vent and let it open.

    And adjusted the lower for the temperature.

    My smokes have turned out well.

    Every one likes them.

    If I changed, would they be that much better?

    Thanks for the help (I think)

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  2. smokeyjman

    smokeyjman Fire Starter

    Foods gonna taste great either way. I think some people like to do things the old school way with straight charcoal or wood. Me my interest is in the ease of use and end result. And end result will always be good no matter how you smoke it.

    Electrics and propane are not usually "manly". I run propane but i dont cookor smoke to flex muscles or a man card. So my goal is a good end result. Regardless if you decidw to convert or not the food will still be great. I just posted on ur other thread too
  3. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Hi bud
    If that setup is working for you and your food is coming out good I would keep on keepin on , brother!
    I can't tell you anything about how to use the 4 vents on that smoker once you convert it , but a little experimenting will tell the tale.
    I don't think anyone on this forum has ever suggested that there's anything unmanly about an electric smoker or propane..... at least not that I've read.

    If I had kept my brinkmann bullet , I probably would have wound up putting a hot plate in the bottom of it and trying it as an electric , but I sold it when I bought my WSM.
    The goal is slow cooked food that tastes good. How you arrive at that is up to you. Good luck , man.
  4. bigwheel

    bigwheel Smoking Fanatic

    Hey..sounds like an interesting project. I dont think the little vents are going to be much if any of a factor. Wiil vote with Hambone that fiddling around with them should be the key to finding the right postiions. The fire needs a little air but not much. The exhaust function is not real critical on an electric but prob help to have some. I would definitely try to insulate around them instead over covering them up..if that is the essence of the question. Now tell us how the two toaster ovens fit into the scheme of things. Thanks. 
  5. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Differences in taste with wood/charcoal, propane, electric with chips isn't fiction nor does it have anything at all to do with "man cards"  If it makes you feel better to say they're equal in flavor then great but it's just not true. 

    It all comes down to the  different combustion gasses and components in the wood and or propane that add unique flavors to the meat.  Electric cookers with chips have a purpose  such as ease of use or to use where places don't allow anything but electric like apartments. 

    Electric coils don't add flavor but yes the small amount of wood chips or pellets burned do add flavor but that isn't in the same ball park from what you get from stick burners or most charcoal smokers.   I'm not saying they're bad but let's not play loose with the facts.  
  6. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I went the other route and converted my charcoal GOSM to Propane using a single burner Propane stove. Still get charcoal involved by placing a pineapple drink can right on the burner. Fill it up with wood and charcoal, the food comes out great.

    Would post a photo, but looks like it is not working right now.

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