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  1. I think I will start a new thread

    I have a two door, square, vertical Brinkmann.

    15" deep  X 16" wide   X  30" tall

    I plan on insulating it with 1" of cement board (two 1/2 sheets on the sides and back, 1/2 sheet on the front) and a pizza stone in the bottom.

    I would like to change it to a electric, using two toaster ovens.

    What I need to understand is the use and settings of the vents.

    My smoker has 4  -   4"vents.

    Two upper and two lower.

    The lower ones I think are used to control the lower draft and heat.

    The uppers are used to dump the smoke.

    So are you saying that all four should be open all the way?

    Or should the two upper be opened all the way and the two lower adjusted for temp and draft control?

    Would I need the both uppers opened.

    Do electrics need the two lower vents?

    Could I close off the two lower or maybe close one of them?

    Do I need both of the upper vent?

    I would like to hang the electronics on the side of the smoker.

    I already know that the thermometer is about 50 degrees low, so I would ether get several good electronic thermometer or get one electronic and wire in a oven thermostat control.

    I am getting confused about this.

    I have only used one upper vent and let it open.

    And adjusted the lower for the temperature.

    My smokes have turned out well.

    Every one likes them.

    If I changed, would they be that much better?

    Thanks for the help (I think)

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    Why fool with success? 

    I am sure there will be knowledgeable people along on our sight to address your questions.  

    If it were me however, I would leave the charcoal smoker as is and buy a digital read electric smoker.  Then you would have two smokers with their own unique attributes.  Electric smokers usually are on sale everywhere in the spring.

    Just my two cents...John
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    If using electric you will most likely need the same vents you use open roughly the same amount. When your smoldering the wood the amount of oxygen you let in through the bottom/intake vents will control the smolder/burn rate. Ive always been told to leave top vents/exhaust vents open. Cool converting to electric. Take pics. You shouldnt have to permanently modify, to the point of no return, your current rig. So if your in the mood for some traditional style you can do that as well. I know you can buy electric stove burners and stick in the bottom over a skillet. And have your chips smolder. You could hook up a rheostat or even buy a thermostat for high temps. Whatever you decide post pics!
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