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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokemack, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. camocook

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    I just got an ecb gourmet charcoal smoker almost two mos. ago and it took me a few tries to keep the heat down.The charcoal pan has plenty of holes on the sides and louvers on the bottom.The only mod i made so far is the thermometer . I like numbers.The next and probably the only other mod will be a vent on the lid.I have the parts now,so it looks like a small project one day after work this week.
  2. cheech

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    Practice practice practice. Good news is that even the mistakes are good
  3. Thanks for the link. I have done one of the mods to my Char-griller but not the others. The pictures help too.

  4. squeezy

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    I'm very new at using my offset ... so can anyone show me pix of a baffle/damper that I could use?
    I charred the ends of a couple of racks of ribs and I don't want to repeat that!
  5. gypsyseagod

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    i have the same ecb & been experimenting a bit w/ it just using doubled up foil & stuff. i think i'm going w/ an aluminum plate that covers the diameter of the 1st grill section(closest to the firebox) & cut a small chunk out of the opposite end grill and extend the stack down to just below grill level(kinda like the pic in the link 2 posts up).
  6. deejaydebi

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    Paul -

    Something like this:

  7. squeezy

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    Thanks Deb ... was starting to come to something like that ... will try it with foil first, then maybe something stronger.
  8. squeezy

    squeezy Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sounds good ... let me know how it works out for you ... eh?
  9. Glad I could help. If you try anything different, and it helps, let me know.

    I have discovered that my warming rack gets about 10 degrees warmer than the grate level. This might actually come in handy for cooking different meats at the same time. I'm gonna play around with that idea a little.
  10. Hey guys,

    As I'm doing research into an offset smoker, I see that a baffle and the extension of the chimney are the two things that seem to be most often referenced. Here's the problem, I've got the mechanical IQ of a small rock....not a big rock, a small one. I feel that I can manage the chimney extension pretty well but the baffle has me a little intimidated. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to make a baffle for the mechanically retarded??

    Also, I plan on buying a couple of oven thermometers to put on the grate to watch temps. Is there an ideal place to put them? Would you recommend also installing the thermometers that are in the lid (even though they are too high for an accurate reading)? Or would you just stick with the oven thermometers? If so, considering opening the doors to check the thermometers would release heat, how often would you check on the temp?

    Thanks for the advice!

  11. DD, what style of smoker do you have? The thermometers need to be as close to the cooking surface as possible for best results. ( My opinion). Is it an offset? If it is, I've heard of people using cookie sheets against the opening of the firebox as a baffle.
  12. Dom,

    Actually, I haven't purchased one yet. I'm probably going to pick one up this weekend and I'm leaning toward the Char-Broil Double-Door over the Char-Griller. Either way, I know that I'll need to make some sort of baffle mod.

    With the cookie sheet, are they just leaning the cookie sheet against the firebox opening or are they cutting it down and then bending it into shape and bolting it on?

    Also, if you do the baffle mod, would you still consider putting a pan of water at the bottom to help even out the temp or no?

    Sorry for all the questions!

  13. smokemack

    smokemack Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Sorry all. Looks like the link to the pics I had found is no longer...
  14. wht93gted

    wht93gted Fire Starter

    yeah, I have a lot of these questions too...

    I just picked up the Char-Griller w/SFB this past weekend, you know the one that a lot of people on here have

    I'm itchin' to get this thing going, so I wanna make all the mods when it's still new and clean...lemme know!!

  15. redbrinkman1955

    redbrinkman1955 Smoking Fanatic

    Bought this little smoker at Meijers today tried it out and the heat came up quick after the coals got hot. Does anyone think I could use this as a fire box if I attach it to another barrel or grill.
    Good Luck and Good Smoking
  16. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hell ya, that would make a perfect SFB for a drum smoker!!
  17. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    Looks like the char giller SFB I bought for my barrel.
  18. redtab78

    redtab78 Fire Starter

    what exactly is the purpose of a baffle? and is there a brand of thermometers out there that is recomended?
  19. gypsyseagod

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    inmho- a baffle serves to deflect heat down & equalize thruoghout the pit. plus -on a side firebox if ya get wind draft & actual flame into the pit- reduces flareup fires from grease drippings close to the firebox.
  20. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    Redtab -

    The baffle deflects the heat - it's really hot near the firebox and you want to try to get even temperature all the way accross the grate so you add the baffle over the firebox opening to insulate that area somehwat from direct heat and send it farther down the grates. Gee that sounded confusing to me and I typed it!

    There are alot of good thermometers out there.

    Is this for food or the smoker?

    Food types the Mavric is popular but even Wally World sells some good digitals. Personally I like the dial types but I've been using them for years.

    Smoker types there are cheap good one that can be calibrated at Lowes or Home Depot for about $8.

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