Charcoal mazes and computer controlled temp regulators

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    Looking through web sites, there's lots of people using charcoal snakes, donuts, and mazes.  Essentially turning the pile of charcoal into a linear arrangement to limit how much can burn at any one time.  There are folks selling steel baffles which can be used to make a charcoal maze with minimal hassle.

    Another popular tools are the PID fan controllers like the BBQ Guru that monitors the smoker temp and regulates the temperature by controlling the amount of oxygen allowed into the firebox.

    The question for the day is whether there is any advantage to use these two technologies together.  Is anything gained by using the charcoal maze along with a PID fan controller?  The real advantage of the charcoal maze seems to be limiting the amount of fuel to prevent a temperature run-away.  But if the temperature control unit is controlling the oxygen, does the charcoal maze become redundant?

    What are your thoughts/opinions?

  2. I guess that would depend on how close to your set temperature you need to be. It would also depend on if you are going to set it and walk away. Then their are people who are just gadget people.

    Happy smoken.


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