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  1. I bought a MES 30, but just can't stop thinking about the old ECB. I bought a second for parts shortly before I got the MES. Now they just sit there taking up space, I thought I could save space and stack them. Then thought, what's to keep me from using it that way ?

     A search on here showed this was not an original nor entirely bad thought.

     Still couldn't quite let it go there. This is going to leave me with a spare lid. Hmmmm.... If I convert the thermometer hole of one lid to a vent and put that lid upside down on bottom, a grate set in it with a drilled out pan or homemade charoal basket, I've essentially got a WSM clone for dirt cheap. I will have to come up with another set of legs for the lid, but I think this may be worth exploring. Bonus is If I do it right, I can easily separate and use one if not both over a turkey fryer as a gasser.
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    keep in mind the lids fit loose on the ECB and are considerably smaller in diameter than the uniform barrel sections so the airflow won't be quite the same as a WSM.  But if you want 2X the cooking volume for only 2X the cost of an ECB, that's the way to go.  To join the two barrels together, you might want to consider some 4-6" wide sheet metal roofing flashing that goes around the circumference and overlaps by an inch or so.  Be generous with the pop rivets or sheet metal screws to make a strong, smoke-tight joint.  
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    Put a hat on my ECB for rain. 😬

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    watch out for's looking a little top-heavy!  [​IMG]
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    Actually I have a charcoal chimney starter over the 2 air dampers. And that is sitting on the chimney starter. I have a big brick to put on it if it's really windy
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