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  1. So trying to get everybodys input/experience with charcoal consumption in a cheap offset. I recently ran a butt for 8 hours and used 2/3 of a 20lb bag of rockwood lump charcoal. I never experienced any temperature spikes but did have to battle to keep the temps up at 250°. I think one thing i still need/want to try is adding firebricks to the cooking chamber. Also, i think i may need to lift my charcoal basket further off the bottom of the firebox.
    I chose rockwood because i found a consumer review list and it was one of the highest recommended companies so i figured why not.
    Lets hear some feedback and thanks in advance!!
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    That is not too bad with a COS.  I went through 2/3 of a bag of briquettes on a recent smoke of 11 hours.  1/2 hour to warm smoker and 10 1/2 hours of smoking.  If I would have used lump, I probable would have used the whole bag.  I love lump, over briquettes anytime, except for longer smokes, I use them to cut cost, and less tending of the firebox, except for excessive emptying of ash build up.  I have a Char-Griller type.

    One thing about owning a cheap  offset smoker, is that you NEVER run out of fun, trying to modify it into a $2,000.00 smoker.  (Which we will never be able to do!)  LOL

    Yes, Raise your basket, or fire grate higher!!!   I used a small grate from a scavenged gas grill  grate, that fits perfectly in fire box on top of the drawer slide.  But you could just some expanded steel to fit as well.   If you want to grill in fire box only.  I have another grate that I can still put on top of basket if I want to fast sear a steak or something.  Throw away the charcoal holder wire grate that came with it.  You'll never use it more than once.  I threw mine out before I ever assembled it!   LOL

    Hope I've helped a bit.  Tried to find my post with pics of my firebox, but couldn't locate it.
  3. Thanks for the respone@fpmich! I have already gasket'd it built the basket and extended the chimney. The firebox is pretty tiny on this thing so i built the charcoal basket to actually meet the outer shell of it and sit off the bottom about 1" but i guess that isnt enough. my plan will be to grab some firebricks to stick underneath towards the sides to hold it up another couple inches so it can get more airflow underneath. And also gonna be adding a few to the cooking chamber to hopefully minimize having to fight to keep the temps up.

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