Charcoal burning plywood smokehouse

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  1. Well it's done made me a beauty smoker.  100% recycled materials [​IMG].  My wife thinks it looks like an outhouse.  My nephew tried to pee in it.  LMAO and I am going to name it the S hitter.  It is about 3" thick with an inch and a half insulation between 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood.  I used an old oven from a camper for my burn area.  Took the charcoal basket from my ecb and here we go


    Not super pretty but she works. Going to put on a dry aged beef roast now [​IMG].  To be continued.............

    P.S.  raining all day not affecting the S hitter
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    looks nice. Can you post some more pictures that show more detail. Thanks

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    Did you start a thread of this build? Would love to see more pics if so.
  4. Sorry it took so long to update this post.  I don't have a lot of pic's of the build but here are a few.

    [​IMG]Here we have the basic box

    I used insulation salvaged from an old camper we dismantled.  It was about 3/4" thick so I doubled it up.  Foil side facing the plywood on inside and out.


    I wanted the option to use dowels for hanging meat and still have racks for setting meat on



    With the top on.  All walls and the door plus the top and bottom are 3" thick with 1.5" of insulation.


    And here is the finished product after several smokes.


    For my internal fire box I used the oven from the camper I took the insulation from.  I use a BBQ wok to hold the lump/briquettes.  I have had no problems maintaining my temps even when it drops below 32F.
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