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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by 500 ss bob, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hello recently picked up a big steel keg and have been cooking with lump so far ,been doing some reading about briquette's ,do any of you guys or gals use them?if so in combination with the lump or just by itself.If i understand what i have read you light your briquette's and leave them till them till there  grey colored,then add the lump around the pile of briquette's?thx for any info, appreciated.....bob
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    I prefer lump but then again i picked up 200 lbs of KB during the Memorial Day sale.  Lump is all  natural, produces less ash, burns less temperature consistent than do briquettes.

    Some like to mix and others it's one or the other.... I don't mix anymore and use briquettes for longer cooks because of the temp consistency and burns longer. 
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    Charcoal briquettes for me in smokers...KB as well...sometimes mesquite lump for grilling, but not in a smoker (way too strong of flavor in a closed cooker). Lump does burn hotter, faster and is not as easily controlled for temps unless your rig is pretty air tight in all the right places (mine are not).

  4. Good to know i have a brisket to cook one day may have to use the briquette's on that as it will be a long cook
  5. Yes have tried the mesquite lump and it does have flavor alright.....bob

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