Charcoal Briquet in the AMNPS to help with smoke ring.

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  1. Hello,

     I was wondering if anybody had ever added a couple briquets in with your AMNPS to help with a nice smoke ring on brisket or ribs..

    I have read that the combustion caused by the open flame of charcoal helps with the smoke ring but I have yet to try this theory out..

    Also, has anybody ever used charcoal pellets in their AMNPS?

  2. smokinal

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    Before the Amazen came along, I used to put a piece of lump in the chip tray in my MES.

    Seemed to give it a bit of charcoal flavor.

  3. chef jimmyj

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    Do a search. This has been brought up and tried several times before with results that are very limited and inconsistent. Guys have put the AMNPS in the MES and a couple of briquettes in the chip tray. This seems to slightly if at all. To date this technique has not caught on with the hundreds of MES owners here as when a newbie asks about getting a smoke ring in an electric smoker, the leading answer by far is, You Can't. But hey briquettes are cheap, give it a shot...JJ

    Here are just a few to get you started...
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