Charcoal basket ?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by bbq401, May 21, 2014.

  1. bbq401

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    Just got a brinkmann trailmaster, where can I buy a charcoal basket to fit in the firebox ?
  2. lemans

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    Go to lowes or Home Depot buy two pieces of 12x24 expanded steel 4 1 inch rt angle brackets and a package of 1/4 20 screws with nuts and washers. The basket should be 12x12 with 6 inch sides
    Just mark 6 inch off the side and bend it to a rt angle ( a good heavy hammer will help)
    Do that to the other three sides and put them together like an x
    That's it !!!
  3. smokey bruin

    smokey bruin Fire Starter

    any dimensions for a OK Joe longhorn? I want to try and make one this weekend
  4. Some guys make a test basket out of cardboard box and tape. You can try a few sizes to see what fits best. Remember you want to leave enough room for air underneath and around basket. I'm sure 12x12x6 would be a good dimension to test. Good Luck!!!

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  5. frosty

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    Made my own basket, similar to Lemans.  I now use the expensive, 75# stainless steel basket I had previously used sitting as an extra seat or table on the patio.  Hate to let it go, but only use the expanded metal basket now. . . . . .   [​IMG]

    Either way, good luck!!!
  6. link

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    Exactly what he says here. I Have a OKJOE and I bent 6" up on each end and then used wire to put the two piece together. Works fantastic.
  7. A word of took me some time to figure this out. When I start out I dump 2 lit chimneys of lump charcoal in my basket.

    When I add charcoal it comes from another lit chimney. This will keep your temps even. I don't ever add unlit charcoal.
    This is just what works for me. (I do most stuff hot and fast 275-300)
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  8. link

    link Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Now I have to tell my wife I need to buy a second chimney.

    I also like to put a can in the middle and them fill with unlit charcoal, remove the can and dump the lit charcoal in (minion method) and this works really well for me.
  9. smokey bruin

    smokey bruin Fire Starter

    great, advise, thanks guys. I'm going to make mine today.

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