Charcoal basket fabricated

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by avz, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. avz

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  2. pandemonium

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    i guess you will use welding gloves to handle it?
  3. thunderdome

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    Did you have a giant hamster?

    Just kidding, whats the basket made from?
  4. avz

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    Pandemonium - it will have a handle attached to it.
    ThunderDome - there is nothing wrong with a little humor. it's made from a metall grid that I found. I dont really know to what it was used for, and for the next question, no, it's not galvanized. that's the first thing that I've checked.
    Any ideas/tips/advice - welcomed. dont forget that it's my first build and no doubt that you are much more experienced then me.
  5. mballi3011

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    Your new charcoal basket looks great to me. Now you will really have to get a handle of some sorts but it will work I'm sure.
  6. It looks pretty good AVZ. How long did it take you to make?

    A couple questions/comments: Is the horizontal grate attached to the very bottom of the cylinder? If so, will you be able to get some clearance off the bottom of the drum so that ash doesn't build up and choke your fire?

    Also, are you a minion method burner? This looks like its big enough to accommodate a few pounds of charcoal. It should be perfect for it.

    Thanks for the post. Great work
  7. thunderdome

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    It's a much better build than my UDS. I think you're on to something with the doors. If you've figured out a method to sealing them, then your mods will spread across these forums.

    Keep us updated with more pics.

    Was the basket grid flat and you rolled it somehow? Or was it already in that shape? If it's something that is easily accessible that you only have to weld the bottom to, then you're on to something again. Most people buy the real thin gauged expanded metail and your basket looks a lot more durable
  8. avz

    avz Fire Starter

    SmokeyD, thanks for your comments. I can not say how much time it took. I'm working on it every now and then when I have a little spare time and I didn't wrote a "job card" for it since its pleasure. all in all, it's not too much time. the only reason that I've done the basket so big is that I can put a small quantity of coal in a big basket, the other way around might be a problematic and since it's my firs UDS and I dont know how much coal I will need, my preference was to make a large basket. the basket will stand on an elevated rail, not on the bottom of the drum. I'll upload pics showing it.
  9. pandemonium

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    thats alot of work you put into that, alot more than normal but it will be a very unique uds, cant wait to see her first run.
  10. avz

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    Hi all and thanks again for your observation and comments.
    TDome - There is a way to seal the doors and it's quite simple. first the doors are quite fitting to the frame that I've welded on the drum, so only a thin layer of high temperature sealant, such as stove sealant, is required.
    Btw - I'm not sure yet, since I haven't tested it yet, but I think that the lower door will be able to serve as the air intake regulator as well and thus it doesn't need to be sealed. I'll try it and see.
    As per the grid, yes it was flat and I've rolled it ( as I did with the doors). unfortunately, I dont have a professional rolling machine, so I had to improvise, but I think that the outcome is not too bad.
    Pandemonium - you are right, it takes much more time then the method many people are using. first, I could not find the ready fabricated dome that is used to cover the drum, apparently they are not imported to Israel, only the smaller ones, so I had to come up with another concept. besides, I enjoy it. I love to work with my hands.
  11. duck killer 1

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    hey AVZ, have you made any progress on this build? i'm anxious to see some qview off her and get an operational report[​IMG]
  12. pandemonium

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    ya no kidding its been awhile hows that uds coming?
  13. treegje

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    It looks great! Nice job.

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