CharBroil Split Door Modified Build

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  1. I have been using a split door vertical CharBroil smoker for the past 1.5-2 years, overall it is a pretty poor performing smoker unless you have time to babysit during the smoke. So I decided I was going to modify the existing unit with material I already have from salvage and recycling. I hate seeing things thrown away and am forever collecting materials/objects I feel can be repurposed.

    For the walls I used a left over sheet of cement board from my home remodel, reclaimed wood from pallets that I collected and leftover cutoffs from assorted projects.

    I will be using scrap hvac ducting from a local business remodel for the chimney. I will be using 1.5" ball valves for lower air control to wood/coal basket that I removed from an old vacuum sealing station at my office. Wood/coal basket was made from scrap expanded steel cutoffs.

    This spring I will be using 3" stainless exhaust pipe and v-band flanges to couple a keg with the smoker for an external firebox, but I have to wait for the weather to turn to pull my car out of storage in the garage to finish this step of the project.

    It's a work in progress but I should be running the first smoke with phase one this weekend to get a good idea of improved efficiency over the factory setup.
  2. Hello.  So the inside of your wooden box is lined with cement board?  Hard to see in the photos.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Yes, it is lined with 1/4" cement board.
  4. I think my last reply was misleading after rereading the question. The cement board is between the metal cabinet and the wood siding.

    I'm currently working on the chimney and air inlet valves, should be burning/seasoning within the next few hours...more progress pictures to come.

  5. Now holding 275 with no issue or babysitting

    Smoked a salmon filet...for science, obviously.
  6. 4 chickens that were brine for 8 hours and then rubbed before heading in to the smoker.

    Cabinet at work.

    90 minutes in, Temps holding at 325 with no issue. Only a 25 degree temp difference between the two racks.
  7. Yard bird and salmon were both excellent, figured I'd try my hand at something new.

    Stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto, ham, spinach and basil; wrapped with bacon from one of the hogs I raised this year.

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