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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by williamzanzinger, May 6, 2008.

  1. williamzanzinger

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    I see some of you guys have this model and are talking about Mods. I just bought 3 of them and havent even taken them out of the box. What mods will I need to make right away to be sure of a succesful smoke? What sytem are you guys using? hardwood coal with chips? preburned chunks?Can you help get me started in the right direction?
  2. williamzanzinger

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    Ok, dont cut my head off, I found the other forums and im doing my homework. Im just new to the science of the offset smoker. Been using an electric and am taking my first steps challenging my self doing 300 ppl off the bat. I decided on brisket and ribs, a natural selection. And some Chickens day of.
    Im not understanding how and why is the science of extending the tube downinto the smoker? How does this affect things? It actually pulled the heat across the meat instead of going up?
  3. cinnamonkc

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    So heat rises...
    If your exit route is higher then your meat...

    I'm fairly new to this forum, but I researched the heck out of everything before I put mu first brisket on the fire and had great success.
    I did all the mods before lighting my Silver smoker for the first time and I did Jeff's 5 day smoking class.

    I have the silver smoker and found my mods online.
    Here's a link to one that includes the mods.

    -So for heat...I created a baffle at the opening between the fire box and the smoker.
    -Used a water pan.
    -Used the modified Minion method for charcoal placement and added Oak and apple for my smoke.
    -I created the heat "spreader", for lack of a better word, under the grates where the meat sits so the baffle sends the heat under the cookie sheets and further down the smoker box before escaping
    -Extended my chimney to the grate
    -Put in two closer to the heatbox and one closer to the chimney end, both at grate level.
    -I stick a remote thermometer through a potato (Potato just holds it up) and set it in the middle of my meat to get a true reading of air temp.

    But my biggest suggestion is to read the heck out of this forum. Every question is answered here several times over. Everone here is really nice and willing to help, but do some homework first and take the's free!
  4. williamzanzinger

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    Thanks man that was some pretty complete information. Just what the doctor ordered.
  5. capt dan

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    That is exactly how you are sposed to do it.........Man![​IMG]

    William,might wanna check cinnamon KC's profile![​IMG]
  6. white cloud

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    People used to be more friendly on here but tire quickly of answering the same questions over and over no matter how long they have have been on this forum. It dosn't hurt to learn the forum and all the information available to you in the search, past threads. or the side bar. The problem is, this forum is so popular that the repeat questions appear on a daily basis and the information you are looking for is right at your finger tips if you just look. Good Luck with the mods and the search. If you can't find what your looking for PM me and I will direct you.
  7. williamzanzinger

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    Oh my, thats certainly not a man.
  8. williamzanzinger

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    Sometimes people just need to be ushered in the right direction[​IMG] Such as the link provided below, quick and painless really.

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