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  1. My first post is a question and a bit of a story. My name is PaDan  and I've been using a Charbroil barrel type smoker for around 10 yrs. After ten years of a hard use, it's falling apart and after pricing the parts and shipping, I've decided to purchase another Charbroil smoker, basically the newer version of my older one. Yesterday, I was in the local Gander Mt. and happened upon an expanded version of it called the "Outlaw" . It's cast iron grill grate longer and seems a lot sturdier built in the legs, frame and has larger wheels. Has any one had any experience with this larger version? I plan on using my current rig as a backup when doing anything bigger......Dan
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    I have not used a Charbroil, I have been a CharGriller man for a while.

    I want hear what everyone has to say.  I am thinking about replacing my Char Griller barrel.  It the smaller one under 600" cooking surface, with the fire box.  I want to keep with this style, but I have heard some of the Charbroil ones are not as sturdy as they used to be.  So I am interested to hear what you think.  Also, cast iron grates or coated.  (I know some will say build your own, I used to weld, but no longer have access to a welder)  I want to stay under 300.  If the outlaw is a good option, I will give it a shot. 
  3. SmokinBrew. yeah, I think that I typed in the wrong company name. It was easy, what with the names being similar. The missus and I checked it out on line and at the local Gander Mt. again this morning, It seems to be basically similar to the grill/smoker that I've got now but on a bit larger scale. It also accepts a hotbox that's side mounted and although I rarely use it, there is one on my present grill. It might be a better idea on the larger outfit. I'm basically a weekend and holiday cook but the larger cooking surface appeals to me , it also fits into my budget @ $199 + tax. I've got a mechanical background but I've reached a part of my life that although I like to smoke and barbecue I don't get fanatical about it. I used to have access to welders, both gas and electric but not anymore...........Dan.
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    Hey PaDan, I looked around, the Brinkmann Trailmaster is pretty sweet.  Its a bit more expensive, around 300 or so, but it looks way better constructed and it has a large area.  I am going to continue to look around.  I am trying to squeeze this into a father's day present.....  I figure if I am going to buy a new one, I should upgrade a bit to increase my skills...  Good Luck let me know what you find out.  Happy Smokin
  5. SB, Good on you, that would be an ideal Fathers day gift.. I'm still not decided on a new outfit as I keep looking at my old grill and agonizing about losing an old friend. For the most part I'd just like to buy the parts and fix her up, but the downside to that is trying to either heat and beat the old parts to fit the new parts. It has sat out over the past few winters and even with a cover has not stood up to our PA winters. The spindly legs have rusted out pretty bad and even tightening up the hardware it's still pretty rickety. I don't have the room for a permanent setup so fairly portable is the way to go. I'm getting the itch for ribs and brisket and my 7 yr old Grandson AJ loves when I throw on a large budget pack of chicken legs, I don't know where he puts it all but he's my official taster lol. And I've been in awe of all of the different outfits that others are using. Good luck on whatever decide, I'll be rootin for you..........Dan. 

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