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  1. OK I got this used Charbroil smoker and looking at it and reading some reviews it truly seems like it will be hot on one side and cooler on the other. So my thought is to make it into a reverse flow smoker by moving the chimney to the firebox side and welding a patch over the old hole. Then weld in some sheet metal inside the cook area to take the smoke and heat over to the right hand side.

    Anyone ever do this and did it help on such a small smoker?

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  2. dish

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    Do some research in baffles.  It would help with equaling out the heat from end to end.  Mine is just a solid metal charcoal tray that I flipped over.  It's sits under the cooking grates and goes from one end to the other with about an 1" - 1.5" gap.  Make sure it is above the hole where the smoke enters the cooking chamber.  I have about 5* difference from end to end by doing this.
  3. I made the following mods and it certainly has improved the eveness of the heat. Now I just need to get used to a small firebox to maintain an even fire. Hope this help someone else out.

    Moved chimney to the other side, added some sheet metal to move the heat and smoke over and blocked the old chimney hole.

  4. Nice job!


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    I agree. Nothing fancy, just effective. Are you using charcoal or wood for fuel?
  6. I start with 1 chimney of lump, then all wood splits for the rest of the cook.
  7. I haven't cooked with this setup yet. I re-seasoned it with oak and cherry. My plan is to use wood but from the seasoning it seems it will take some practice to keep the fire maintained.
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    It would probably help a lot to make a fire basket. Then you could start with more fuel and need to tend it less.
  9. I Have the same smoker at home. very nice job.  I am looking to seal it up a bit so I don't loose so much heat.


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