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  1. Hi all..
    Just curious if anyone has any experience with this Charbroil product. I saw a presentation on TV, but haven't heard of any personal experiences. Looks interesting. Anyone?
    Fred. :biggrin:
  2. I realize that this thread was started a few months ago, but I thought I'd add my $0.02, on using a Charbroil 'Big Easy'.  As a 'smoker', the design doesn't add a lot of smoke flavor to cooking, and cooking temps seem to run a bit high.  My unit runs propane, and I was hoping it would have decent temperature control.  Even on the lowest setting, I'm getting cooking temps around 300-325, so chicken has been the best result so far.  I haven't tried any mods yet, to see if I can bring the temps down to a reasonable smoking level, but that may come in the future.  

    The Big Easy is primarily a grill/roaster (which it does admirably), and functions in a limited way as a smoker.  Due to where I am currently living, a charcoal or wood smoker was not in the cards....but when it comes time to move, I'll be making a new purchase. [​IMG]



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