Char Siu ribs

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    Hi, I'm starting some Char Siu type ribs in the smoker today. From what I've read they are traditionally not smoked but I am feeling rebellious today! [​IMG]    I'm using a marinade recipe from Chef JimmyJ.

    ~~Char Siu... Chinese Roast Pork/Spare Rib Marinade 1/2 C Soy Sauce , low sodium(Kikkoman Green cap) 1/2 C Brown Sugar 1/2 C Shaoxing Wine* or Mirin 1/2 C Hoisin sauce, Koon Chun* is best. 1/2 tsp 5 Spice Powder or more to taste 1 Tbs Grated fresh Ginger 1 tsp Minced fresh Garlic 1 Tbs Red Food Coloring 1 tsp Sesame Oil (optional) Makes about 2 Cups or enough to cover 1 Rack of Ribs and Tip meat. I doubled it. Items with an " * " are available at a Chinese Market. The rest and an el cheapo Hoisin is available at your local Mega Mart. Combine all ingredients and marinate the meat a minimum of 2 days longer is better

    I left out the brown sugar and wine but added 1/2 cup Jim Beam.

    Sliced up some baby backs into the marinade for about 19 hours.

    Ready for the smoker. Also doing a small slab of spares soaked in Galbi, Korean BBQ sauce.

    I've got them in at 230F and will post up in a bit!  [​IMG]
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    3 1/2 hrs later ribs are done. Thinner ribs pull from the bone, larger ones are very tender and juicy.

    Excellent marinade for that Chinese style bbq!    [​IMG]
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    After the loin ribs were done I upped the temp to 250F to finish off the spares.

    Here's the thinner section I had to cut off to fit the box. I'll pull the thicker section in about 30 mins.
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    Just took out the thicker rack. Bone pulled off easy and still very juicy. Good Galbi!   [​IMG]
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    Looks tasty!

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