Char griller vs Weber customer support.

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  1. I was in the market for a new smoker. After much research and reading reviews it came down to the Char Griller Kamado and the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. The short of it is I read comments about not being able to get replacement parts  for things like a rusted out grill below the coals and lack of customer support from the company. So I go the company website and they sell accessories for this grill but don't even list it on their website. They show other smokers but not this one. I addition there were no replacement parts listed only cooking accessories. Made me very suspect of any customer support I may need.  I am passing no judgement on the performance of this smoker but I went with the Weber. Now if the weekend would hurry and get here, got a brisket with my name on it.
  2. I think you will be happy with your WSM. Take the time to learn how to control it and get yourself a thermometer and you should be good to go. Between now and the weekend you could spend a little time with the search bar and you will enjoy it even more. Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

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    If customer service is one of the driving factors in your decision then you hit a home run picking Weber.  The quality is outstanding to start with, but if you do need customer service they are terrific.  Personally I had a small issue when I got mine, called Weber, they over night air'ed a replacement part.  whole thing took 5 minutes, had it next business day no questions asked.  and they were outstandingly helpful with the issue

    What size did you get?

    PS I own the WSM 22.5.  Only have had it for about 5-6 weeks, so still very much a rookie, but so far I have loved it.  I did tons of research first BTW.
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  4. Bought the 18.5. Was seasoning it today. On my old smoker an off set I was tending to the coals every half hour 45 min. On the weber I set in up at 7 am using the minion method and it was still 225 at 230pm when I left for work. Never added anymore coals to it.
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    I have both but use my 18.5 more often. Keep in mind it may run hot your first few cooks until all of the smoky goodness seals up any small gaps. Once mine settles in I can go 8-9 hours without touching the vents. Depending on the conditions, I have had 14+ hour burns on 1 load of coal. There is a smaller brinkman water pan you can substitute if you run into issues with a fully loaded charcoal chamber touching the original water pan. I have been very pleased with both my WSMs but I am Weber fan. I think you will enjoy it.

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