Char-Griller Smokin Pro with firebox- Mods

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mossymo, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. webdaddy

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    Completed the mods and everything worked perfect!

    I made the channels from angle aluminum for installation on the right and left side of the tub and ran stove gasket rope into it (With high temp gasket maker to hold it in place). As a plus, I was able to use the additional nuts/bolts I had when removing the side vent covers on the tub and firebox to mount the channel. I used high temp gasket maker to place a length of rope on the inside lip on the lid and on the back-outside of the tub.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used the charcoal pan and slid the legs from the firebox over it and placed inside tub for a perfect fit. Finally I used a swivel duct elbow to lower the smoke level.

    Using the shaker basket and the minion method, I was running temperatures of 230-250, depending on how much I had the vents open, for 4-5 hours!

    Parts list:
    • Permatex High Temp RTV Silicone - #81409 (26C)
    • Rutland ¼” – 5/16” x 84” Stove Gasket Rope - #91N (For the front and back seals)
    • Rutland 5/8" X 60" Stove Gasket Rope - #92 (For the channels)
    • Home Depot Angle Aluminum 1/16” thick ¾” x ½” x 36 - #43650 Upper Channel (Seal) (Needed 2 as HD was out of 48”)
    • Home Depot Angle Aluminum 1/16” thick ¾” x ¾” x 48 - #43240 Lower Channel (Mount)
    • Home Depot #8-32 x 3/8” Round Head nuts/bolts - #27611 (For mounting channel together)
    • 3” duct angle adaptor. (Forgot to get part #)

  2. coyote-1

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    After a couple years, I have mostly given up on using the charcoal basket. It's a great idea in theory. But I don't do too many overnight smokes and end up just tossing logs of maple or cherry or oak or whatever in after the fire gets going, so it has become redundant. That said, I definitely will use it again this autumn for a smoked butt.

    The biggest issue I have with the CGSP is the wheels. The set that came with the unit broke, the set I bought to replace them also broke. Next set will have steel rims.  lol
  3. webdaddy

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    The mobilty is definitely an issue I'm going to fix sooner or later. This unit is a big donkey and it needs four wheels rather than the two it came with.
  4. coyote-1

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    Gotta say, I wish the CGSP had a Weber type coating. The finish on the metal dictates that it not be left out in the weather, but the wheels don't hold up.

    Of course you can't expect everything for $169.
  5.     Mine is a gas grill with a fire box and the only mod I did was wrap tin foil around the vents I cheat and use the gas very little to get the temp back up when I open the hood. and as you can see it I had to shovel about a foot of snow to get at it.

  6. arkashby

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    I got my Super Pro smoker barrel today at lows! Brought it home and promptly disassembled it so I can paint it red, yes I'm painting over the original coating. As an experiment mind you. Doing all the mods I've seen here as well will post Pict's tomorrow as it was to dark to finnish tonight.
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  7. arkashby

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    OK, finnished putting it back togather. Here's what it looks like. tell me what you think.

  8. thsmormonsmokes

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    That looks hot man.  I like it.  Personally I might have chosen blue, but that's because I'm a BYU grad and I hate the U of U.  

    In a sort of related note, does anyone know of a good temp resistant paint to protect the metal of the SFB?  The factory paint on top has peeled off mine.  I've been spraying it with Pam or another spray oil when it's at temp, kind of how you'd season a dutch oven.  But the temps on the top of the SFB get so high that it burns that off and I've had some minor rust form on it.
  9. I have used Rust-oleum High Heat   good to 2000 degrees from Home Depot seems to hold well
  10. arkashby

    arkashby Fire Starter

    I used Rust -oleum Caliper paint. Heat resistaint to 900F ! In Red ! At wallmart.
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  11. cobrajg

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    I have the super pro with SFB; sealed lid, baffle with tuning plates, extended chimney to grate level with dryer vent tube, and built charcoal box for SFB.  I still have 30-40 degree difference from one side to the other.  I removed the tuning plates and turned the charcoal pan upside down and still got the same uneven temps.  Any suggestions?  I do have the damper plate removed between the grill and SFB.

    Followed these mods:

  12. arkashby

    arkashby Fire Starter

    LOL, Doing burn in on new set up and thermomitors at great lvl are 50 degrees different. Have coals in barrle not SFB. thermomitor furthest way from SFB is 400f and the other is 350F. Can I calibrate thermomtors?
  13. coyote-1

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    Look at the tuning plate configuration there. Heat travels UP. That thing tries to push it DOWN. So much of your heat will escape via the top of the firebox... bet you're doubling your fuel consumption for each smoke.

    My "tuning plate" is just a full size (26"x18") commercial baking pan. I have it on a pair of bricks to hold it just above the firebox output; this ensures all the heat is coming into the cooking chamber. I keep it mostly up against the firebox side, but slightly skewed so that smoke is coming out all along each side. My temps are pretty even from one side to the other if I want, and if I feel the need to make one side hotter I just slide that whole pan over to the left a bit.

    My brother, who has had his New Braunfels Black Diamond for years, never worried about evening out temps. He feels that having one side hotter than the other is a very useful thing in many cases. And his product is awesome.
  14. arkashby

    arkashby Fire Starter

    Im doing the tuning plates but out of aluminum about 1/8" thich. hoping that will help.
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  15. cobrajg

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    I sort of did that on my last smoke with the charcoal pan but I left the baffle in place.  I'll remove the baffle and try to find something other than the charcoal pan.  Thanks for the info.
  16. i ground the flare off with an angle grinder.
  17. arkashby

    arkashby Fire Starter

    First smoke with new rig.

    Thurs. 4:00pm. Brisket Rubbed and wraped in plasic wrap. overnight in fridge

    Friday 3:30AM. Brisket in and Smoking nicely.

    4:30 AM. Tepms staying steady.

    7:00 AM



    8:00 PM

    No other picts as it was lunch at work for my team!
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  18. I noticed there is a nice felt strip used with the BGE.  If you use the angle iron around the cooking area, you can use this instead of the rope and caulk.  The fibers come off of the rope and can get in your food.
  19. cisco1

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    [​IMG]  does any1 know what advantages a rottessorie smoker wld be with swivel shelves ?
  20. thsmormonsmokes

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    Is there a way to attach angle iron to the lid/lower effectively without welding that would still allow for a good seal?  I have no welding skills, and only access to an arc welder, so I'm afraid any attempt to weld would burn a hole right through my cooking chamber.  And I'm not sure how I could bolt it on without compromising the seal due to the bolts.

    Also, what type of felt material would you use to pack in the angle iron, and where would I buy some?

    I'm constantly on the lookout for a good solution to this problem.  I've done the rope method, and it just hasn't been as effective as I'd like.  So far my best solution has been to pack the gap full of tin foil.  I'd like a more permanent solution than that.

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