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  1. Thanks for the tip! I will try that. I glued some flat heat rope onto the lid on the sides and back and it seems to be holding. I used a couple of bolts and washers to hold it in place. It was not thick enough though and a little smoke still gets through. I did order the thicker rope like you use and was going to try to glue it on as well. I like the foil idea. I will try that first. You didn't mention if you also tried to seal the sides. I get a lot of smoke escaping from the sides. I carefully knocked them in a bit with a 2x4 and a hammer and now have less leakage there. I'm going to try to put the thicker rope on the sides and see if that seals them once and for all. If it works, I may put a few bolts and washers in here and there to hold it up. I'll post here if it works.
  2. I have been searching for this basket both at Lowes and online....So far it seems that its either discontinued or Char Broil doesnt make it anymore....If you know where to buy it online please help a brother out
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    After some more digging, things don't look good on the Char-Broil shaker basket.  Lowes is not stocking it and it appears it may have been discontinued.

    I don't see it on the Char Broil site either.  I will be calling Char Broil to see if I can verify as I was going to buy a spare for this very reason.

    The one on looks very similar, but no way to tell for sure how it would work. Also, the handle looks different and they say it is non-stick where the Char Broil was stainless steel.

    I guess we are back to square one?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  6. I hav same char griller got all kinds of ideas from this great forum made mine into a reverse flow u r not goin to get it air tight or leak proof.This is wat i used on mine at the right price go to scrap yards & recycling centers ask if they have any old ovens ask if u can get the door gasket out, filled rear and side gaps w/ these there r two kinds some have snap pins other has gasket w/flap get both if $ is right got mine free bring some tools screw & star drivers easy. I pop riveted the one that has flap for sides!Hope this helps some
  7. Hey folks long time reader first time poster.  I have been watching this thread with keen interest for quite some time and figured out how to mod my Char Griller Smoker Pro that I have had for nearly eight  years.  I have done a rebuild and made a few mods and keep the temps at a nice 200-225 pretty consistently on all areas of the grill.  I Incorporated many of the ideas expressed here, and was surprised or I may have missed it as this thread is quite large.  

    The new side box I bought to replace my old one comes with two cast iron grill plates that when fit to the width of the smoke box and secured with two of the 3/4 " bolts from the kit, it creates one heck of an improvement.  Even better it fits right on the two bolts at the end of the smoker and the ash pan guide rails for a level shelf that is solid as a rock.


    Here is a shot of it outside the smoke box:


    I then created a 12x12x6 Charcoal basket from someone I read on this thread or another not sure.  I went to Home Depot and got the 24X24 expanded metal 3/4" diamond pattern.  Do not go to the masonry section for this as the will look at you cross eyed and try to sell you stucco supplies.  This piece is specifically in the area where screws and fasteners are.  There is generally a small sheet metal and steel section, and it is hidden in here.  

    I cut it by measuring 6" from the corners both directions and then intersecting the lines making a 6"x6" square on each corner.  I used a pair of aviation snips and cut the squares out.  I then folded and secured the sides with rebar ties.  Fits perfectly in the grill and only cost me $20 bucks for metal and a couple of bucks for the ties.  I then filed down the sharp edges to smooth, and thirty minutes later I had a charcoal basket:


    I will give the basket a try using the minion method this weekend on a slow smoke of brisket and ribs. I will let you know how it turns out.  Again thanks for all the insights to modding this smoker and making it very consistent.  I hope I was able to add something that someone can use in the future.
  8. What an amazing and helpful thread, thanks to all who have posted their mods, I have enough information now to begin my own. I'll post pics when done.
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    Hawgheaven - I wanted to thank you for the PDF and step by step on the Pro 830 Mods....I did everyone of them! Now I like this idea to remove the stock lid temp guage...cover it with PIG! With a water pan I can hold temps with only 5-8 degree differential side to side

    I have been cookin up some real good stuff...

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    couldn't they be used without bolting them together?
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    Hey Elkslayer - How is the Home Depot Chargoal basket working out?? With you new cast iron grid base, does it allow you to empty the ash pan drawred on long smokes? I find it hard to hold 250 temps for very long. 200-225, not much problem.

    I might go to ohome depot today and try this if you tell me it holds up..


  12. Hi i finally got my char-griller smokin' pro. I have all the pieces out but have not assembled. I plan on coating the metal with some rustoleum high heat ultra, coating all wood with exterior spar varnish clear gloss, installing two river country adjustable smoker thermometers, and creating a baffle out of sheet metal. Since I have some 16" and 18" CERAMIC floor tile laying around and a tile saw, do you think i could make the tuning plates with that? Would really like opinions on this, not sure if its a great idea, or a recipe for disaster at this point. Please advise. Thanks!!

    ps: still looking for a smoker basket solution. picked up some 12"x24" 18guage expanded steel from lowes but not sure if i should use it. Looks a little small to me.
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    youll need the 24x24 piece to make to work, at least for my 16" firebox it worked perfect. 
  15. It does.  I can pull it out and empy with no isses on long smokes.
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    I was wondering something....if you have the stack hose down to the grate level, could you put a thermometer in the top of the stack for a close estimate of grate level temps?

    I made a small charcoal basket, some long bolts hold it up out of the ashes and put some fireplace rope around the lid, used some high temp silicone to make it stick. 

  17. I am new to this Forum and have a char-griller pro.  All I have ever done was turn the charcoal rack that is inside the smoker upside down so that the grate is facing the bottom of the smoker and put a brick on the far left side to hold it tight to the firebox.  I have never had any trouble with heat or fuel consumption.  I normally BBQ on my smoker 4 times a week and those are normally 10hrs or more.  Just a thought for you.
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    Howdy fellow smoking addicts! I’m a long time lurker, first time poster.

    I purchased my Duo a couple of weeks back. I’m having issues keeping the temperature down around 225-250 as it seems to want to hover around 300. I’m using the ET-73 Maverick RediChek remote wireless smoker thermometer set at grill level rather than the idiot gauge on the lid, so I’m fairly confident the temperature is accurate.

    So I’m hoping the mods I’m doing (Lid seal, using the Minion method, etc.) will allow better control of the air flow and temp. I've gathered all my components (Based on some of the ideas I've seen here) and started on the project today.

    Similar to what SmokingBrodes I also used the charcoal pan. I took the legs that came with the firebox, slid them over the charcoal rack pan and flipped it upside down and placed in the smoker. It is the perfect height to cover the firebox opening! I plan to use my drill press to drill holes, small to large, right to left, across the surface to allow an even distribution of heat.

    On the fire basket (Shaker Basket), there is one on Amazon that looks exactly like the one Lowes used to carry. While it’s $28, I figure it’s worth it to save the time of building one from scratch.  

    Thanks for all the great ideas!   I'll post pictures when I'm finished.
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    What abut somthing like a grilling wok as a charcoal basket ?

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    I think a few people have used the wok but have found out that the holes aren't big enough to allow the ash to fall through well enough.

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