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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by tmetalman, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Having a hard time managing heat on my new char griller smoker pro. My first five hour cook has already melted the paint off of the back of my SFB. I seemed that I had to get the SFB that hot to get a good temp inside of the main chamber. I am losing some heat around the SFB lid and have plans to correct that. I don't feel that that minor heat loss should make such a drastic change in overall temp. I had a hard time running at 225 inside main chamber even with the extremely hot SFB. I also plan to put angle iron around main chamber lips to help hold heat. Any other suggestions or has anyone else run into this issue. Im aware this is a fairly cheap smoking product but still should be manageable. Thanks
  2. cliffcarter

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    Did you remove the oval shaped knockout in the cook chamber where the side fire box attaches?
  3. Really...I see I'm signed up to the wrong forum page. Was looking for serious opinions or suggestions not am I a retard city slicker response. Apparently forums are for people fresh from the womb that have no idea how to exist in life.
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      Your 2 main issues with a store-bought sfb.  1) don't trust the supplied cook chamber thrermo. It is probably off and it's position doesn't help. You need accurate grate level temps to know what temp you are cooking at.   2) The most important mod for this smoker is to add a charcoal basket.  Hold more coals in a smaller space without 'burning off the paint' ! Hope this helps some

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    I'll take that as a "yes". And I am not a city slicker, I am, however, someone that has been using the pit you have for six years. Believe it or not that was a serious question, failure to remove the knockout causes the problem you describe and has been admitted to more than once on the forum.

    While the CG thermometer is a POS it should have registered more than 225° if the fire was hot enough to blister paint. Can you tell us how much charcoal or wood you were using and if you had the exhaust vent fully open? Were you using lump charcoal or briquettes? Do you have a charcoal basket? I do recommend that you get a decent thermometer, either a digital remote or an analogue replacement that you can install in the lid of the cook chamber.
  6. And, the OP should leave the attitude at the door.
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    Charcoal basket is a must in my book.

    My stock therm will read 175 when the actual pit temp is 245 to 250.

    I leave my exhaust fully open at all times and regulate heat with the intake vents on the firebox and the amount of charx used.

    Hope nobody finds this insulting?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. That's a really poor attitude. These are good people that are willing to take the time and help others and share ideas. No one here is a mind reader, and that very scenario has happened to people on this forum. If you want to ask questions and share please do so. However, if you came here to bash others you've come to the wrong place. Cliffs a good dude, willing to help. Your response wasn't appropriate.

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