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  1. Hi all lookin for some advice. New to the pellet grill scene. Anyone care to offer some tips on the char griller pellet smoker. I just don't think it produces smoke like it should. Called customer service and she basically old me I bought an oven. But I've read some good threads about others. Is there a setting that will get this thing to produce smoke?
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    What temperature are you operating it at? Pellet grills produce the most smoke at their lowest temperature settings. 
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    Pellet smokers do not produce as much smoke as let's say a stick burner. Many of us, when we want that extra boost of smoke use an add-on such as a AMNPS or Smoke Daddy. I have the Big Kahuna from Smoke Daddy. There is another option out there call a Jen-U-Wine Jerry. It's a mod that puts a wood chunk on top of the heat deflector.

    As for temps, as B stated, lower temps are best for smoke. Generally nothing much over 250
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  4. Thanks guys. I think I got it figured out. Was able to get it to smoke an acceptable amount with a little tweaking. Again thanks a bunch.

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