Char griller fire box smoker

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by gotbags-10, May 31, 2016.

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    gotbags-10 Smoke Blower

    Was contemplating a mini wsm build as I need something portable. However I was looking at the chargriller side box and wondered if I could use that. The nice thing about that is I could fit a brisket or a couple racks or ribs (in a rib rack of course). Something you can't do with the mini wsm. Obviously the big drawback is the fire would be pretty close to the meat. I'm thinking a piece of plate steel either with or without holes drilled in it would work. I would take the exhaust damper out on the side and add a chimney instead. I would probably take the intake damper out as well and close it up and instead use my digiQ controller with the universal smoker adapter. I have a bunch of the fire rope with the flange on it so I can rivet in place where needed to seal it up better. I'm just wondering if anyone's tried this or would it even work?

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