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  1. This is a great grill,you will love it . I had my CGD for 2 yrs. and love it. cook and smoke great.
  2. beeboq

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    Gotta love the duo. Mine is rusted up pretty good. Gonna clean it up, sand the rust , spray some oil on it and rebake it and see what happens. Gonna order new grates as well. Where it was kept over the summer got a lot of moisture. Mold on the ceramic grates. Have not had that problem with steel grates.
  3. steves8388

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    If your going to smoke on it plan on making some mods to it. The lid on the smoker side of mine has a bad gap. I had to use 1/2 inch round high temp insulation on mine. Also added 3 inch dryer hose to extend the stack down to the grate level. I really like it just had to make a few changes to it.
  4. chris k

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    We've have a Duo at work for about two years and I've ben pretty happy with it. I use the gas side most , but I've used the coal side as a smoker several times with pretty good results. The moveable fire rank is nice and is easy to move  with a fire in it with out burning yourself. The side burner works really well and is very handy for quick lighting of your charcoal chimney. I believe that there is an after-market smokebox attachment that can be purchased. The only complaints I would have about the grill is that it really needs some stronger hardware based on how heavy the grill is. If you move the grill around a lot it begns to wobble. Also the way the lid closes and the positioning of the top racks don't leave  a lot of vertical space on the grill so it's hard to cook things that need to stand up like beer can chicken. Overall, it does a pretty good job for the money. I've fed 60 people at a time with it with great success.
  5. The hubs got me one as an early anniversary present.  i love mine! he is not allowed to use the charcoal side, but is ok to use the gas side.  The charcoal side is big enough to do at least 3 racks of ribs easily. And i love it, looking forward to gettting the smoker box for xmas, then I can do more racks,  but i do just fine doing the offset smoking. for the money it is a great purchase. It is a great way to get started.  I have since bought an old fuel oil tank that i am turning into a huge smoker, hopng to do a whole pig on it.   Hope this helps.
  6. I'm smokin 2 butts on mine right now.
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    today is the very first ever use of my grill

    very disappointed

    Im doing ribs as I trype this

    I cant get the fire to go out in the smoker box! I started with regular coal in my chimney lighter I had a basket of lump coal in box

    I poured lit coals over lump and added mesquite chunks

    I cant get fore to go out! it bubbled my paint! I seasoned inside and outs on my grill before use! HELP
  8. lemans

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    I have mine since last July.
    Made all the mods from this site on the smoker . On the propane side took out the heat shields put down a piece if expanded steel and poured a bag of ceramic briquettes
    On it and now I have a super even heat and once it's hot I lower the flames and maintain
    300 forever!
    The smoker has a horizon convection plate and I just added a IQ 120 heat control
    Wow. It's just a dream
  9. boudin4evr

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    post pics please
  10. Here is my setup.  I've had one of these for four years now.  I modified mine to be a reverse flow.  You can see these mods in my youtube video.

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    I just picked up my duo recently and I'm loving it so far. I bought the side smoker box and have had some problems with damaged parts but they're taking care of it for me and I just seasoned it tonight. I want to do a few of the mods to help seal up the side box more and start smoking! I have no clue what I'm doing but I'll figure it out [​IMG]
  12. boudin4evr

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    Im with you man! I just got mine on Fathers day! (with SFB) Chargriller will take care of you! I had a bad smoker box and little stuff

    their customer service is outstanding! I only had 1 smoke with mine! over cooked with temps! I have lots to learn! Town where Im at is soo small that i am ordering mods online (thermometers and 3" flex duct) considering a baffle from Horizon smokers 

    IF i could only find a welder to make a basket for coals!
  13. boudin4evr

    boudin4evr Fire Starter

    do you leave the coal firegrate ashpan in when using convection plate?
  14. boudin4evr

    boudin4evr Fire Starter

    do you leave the coal firegrate ashpan in when using convection plate?
  15. lemans

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    No ash pan is long gone like top rack
  16. crscopenhagen

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    I have the Chargriller Duo with SFB (Chargriller Trio) I love it. So far i have smoked 3 racks of Baby Back Ribs and a Pork Butt. With plans to smoke a 14+ Pound brisket this weekend. I have been able to keep a pretty consistent 250 degree temp for the ribs for 6 hours without any modifications, the pork butt had similar temps. 
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    Thats what I'm using.  I got mine .. it was sort of a compromise as the better half was not going to let me get a dedicated smoker.. When my old gas grill died. I was using a cheapo Brinkman .. just learning to smoke so figured I'd go this route.

     I did some mods and am continuing to fix it up.  I'm happy with it .. I must admit the gas side is nice for a quick burger , brat or steak ... I have only used the charcoal side once except as a smoker.  If I knew then  applies.  For around the same $ I could have gotten something like a WSM  but like I said .. had to get the other half on board. I did some ribs on it the other day .. first I've donw .. my family is still carrying on .. so it works.
  18. kwandtke

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    Lemans, I saw your response and was hooked by you having the IQ120 .. so you're saying this works and you really like it?  I was looking at that as the next thing but they (Pitmaster) never mention use on a side firebox and was a little hesitant.  I assume you are using the standard adapter?
  19. lemans

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    Private message sent
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