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  1. So right now i have a small upright webber smoker which is ok for small stuff like roasts. However I have access to a char broil smoker with a side box that a friend owns. My question is that in August I plan on smoking a couple briskets and pork butts for my sons grad party, will probably be feeding around 100 people, maybe more.

    My preference is mesquite, and while i have smoked a little and have had it turn out really good, any suggestions for smoking this amount of meat so it is fall apart tender for sandwiches?

    I am new to this, but have fast learned the importance of maintaining the "ideal" temp,(as my smoker doesnt have an actual temp thermometer), i used a meat thermometer to check internal temps at various points thru smoking. Also understand the concept of brining and spritzing the meat, but like i said, just want to make sure that this all comes together with out any problems and that all the meat comes out fall apart tender and juicy.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

    -G Pa 2 1
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    First of all welcome to SMF! You should stroll over to the roll call section & introduce yourself so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome. There are many ways to smoke brisket & pork butt. You should use the search feature & you will find many recipes & techniques for brisket & PP. The default way for both is smoke at 225 to 165 IT, foil with some liquid, and back on the smoker or in a 225 degree oven until the IT reaches 205. Then slice the brisket & pull the pork. Put a pan under both to catch the juices for au jus. Use a finishing sauce on the PP. Search SoFlaQ'uers finishing sauce. It's the one we all use.
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    Al X2!  Welcome to the SMF. 

    Your plans call for at least 2 packer briskets and 3 butts, IMHO (assuming your doing sammies).  I would probably do one more packer and 2 more butts to be safe (got that gene from my Italian-Portuguese mom -- God rest her; THE most embarrassing thing ever would be to run out of food!).  Any leftovers will freeze and reheat perfectly anyway.  (Did I say "leftovers"???? Bahahahahahahahah!)

    The nice part about both choices is that you can smoke them ahead of time and then reheat to serve before the party.  That way you can enjoy the event without wearing yourself out right beforehand.

    Practice with that side fire box before going big.  That ain't your Weber upright!  It's a whole different animal.

  4. My thanks to Smokin Al and adiochiro3 for the suggestions. i appreciate the input and will be taking it all into consideration. Since i still have some time, i am going to keep looking around here and doing my research. Thinking I might even do a shoulder this weekend to get used to it some more. Will post and let you know how it all turns out.

    Thanks again!

    gpa 21
  5. Has he made any mods to his SFB smoker to make it more efficient and have even temps across the grate?
  6. alelover,

    not that i am aware of, but he has told me it does good for maintaining temperature. Have been to a couple events where he used it and it seemed to work well.
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    This a complicated post.  I cannot pretend to address all the issues.

    Your upright Weber is a great smoker, and you can get more meat on there than you think.

    Maintaining ideal temps requires a probe not only in your meat, but also in your pit so that you know that you are smoking at the right temps.

    Horizontal offsets give you great room on the grate.  The downside of them is that they will require more fuel and much more fire tending to maintain proper temps as measured by both your pit probes and your meat probes.

    Spritzing your meat is a personal thing.  Remember that every time you open the pit to spritz, you are adding time to what would have originally been a long smoke.

    I would do a test run before you think about cooking for a crowd.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. Everyone is really helpful and i appreciate it. Perhaps I forgot to mention that i have done some smoking, and am still perfecting it. Last couple have gone really well, and tomorrow,7-9-11, i will be doing a small pork roast. I will take pics before and after to show the outcomes. I am trying to perfect it and with the help of everyone here anf from the friend who owns the larger smoker i referred to in my earlier post, i am comfortable giving it a try. Then again i will only have to do it if he has to work. Otherwise i am having him do it.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the help. I know I am new here and am looking for all the help and tips i can get, and take them all into consideration. Am looking forward to perfecting this style of cooking, and being a member here andd growing my knowledge.



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