Char-Broil Smoker Barrel Grill Question

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  1. I have this grill that was given to my wife and I as a wedding gift. It is only the barrel shaped grill portion. I know that this particular one is a cheaper model that only Target sells under the Char-Broil name. You won't find it on Char-Broil's website. They used to make a side firebox attachment for this model, it too was sold at Target but has been discontinued.

    Although I know this is a cheaper piece of equipment, I would like to find some possible way to get a firebox on it and make some mods to seal it up better so that I can use it to smoke during warmer months along with my MES 30.

    Here's the picture of it from the website:


    The firebox would be on the right side which is different than all other Char-Broil models I've seen. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to how I can maybe rig up my own firebox for this thing, or customize something?
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    You can buy the whole Char-Broil Smoker/Grill on Amazon for $70.

    Keep Smokin!!!
  3. Yup try Amazon or Ebay. Get all of the air leaks sealed and it will work a lot better.

    Happy smoken.


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