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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokeyvols, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. I'm looking at getting a ceramic smoker to replace my propane smoker. I was at a dealer today looking at the Kamado Joe and noticed that if you have the diffuser in place to smoke a piece of meat it would be hard to be a tight squeeze between the sides of the grill and the diffuser to add more wood if needed. 

    Anybody out there noticed if this would be a potential problem? Or are the these ceramic grills that great where if you throw you charcoal on it and a couple small chunks of wood it will give you a nice long smoke. 
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    myself... I like the option of being able to throw more fuel or wood on if needed... you would have to gut (take everything out) of the Kamado to add any fuel or wood.... although they will burn for 10+ hrs
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    Hey Smokey Vols and fellow Vol fan.

    I have a Vision Grills ceramic I bought at Costco. Ceramics are VERY efficient smokers. Just a little lump charcoal will run a long time, 6 hours at least. More lump can easily go 12 hours. If you use the minion method and put some wood chunks along the outer edge you can get good smoke for as long as the meat will take it.

    Also check out the Primo's. with those you can leave the grates out on one side and add more lump or wood to that side as long as you like.

    Ceramics are efficient and will hold temps rock solid for hours once you get them stabilized. Get a good one and you will make amazing Q.

    Go Vols!!!
  4. My brother has a BGE, I have a buddy with a Primo, and another with a Vision. None of them have talked about issues with adding fuel. Maybe you won't need to.

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