Cedar Grilling Planks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shaggy91954, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. shaggy91954

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    I really like grilling salmon on cedar planks, but those things are expensive.  Anyone got a cheap solution?  I was just checking out ebay for a good buy and there really isn't one.
  2. atomicsmoke

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    Home depot, lumber yards. Buy a 8 foot 1x8 cedar plank. You can cook a lot of salmon on it.

    Have you tried mashed potatoes on cedar? Terrific flavours. Mash potatoes, fridge overnight, shape some mounds on the plank and cook until you get a golden crust.
  3. Yea, plain cedar board from lumber yard is fine.

    ... just clean it of course. 

    The grill planks are a real rip off.

    If you can't find cedar  use the green treated lumber. ..... (that's a joke,ok?)
  4. Home depot will even cut the board into whatever size pieces you want

    I was in a pinch one time and had forgotten to soak some pieces I had left at home, so I stopped at a home depot during my lunch break from work.... bought a stick of cedar, had them cut it into 8" pieces, stuck them in a HD bucket and filled it with water at the store

    snapped the lid down on it and carried it around in the back of the truck the rest of the day and they were good and ready to go as soon as I got home 

  5. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    How do you know if it has been chemically treated or not? I know cedar is naturally weather and insect repellent, but just in case.
  6. 1) Because they don't treat any regular lumber, pine, fur, oak, cedar or what ever. 

    2) Because you would have to pay extra  for a "chemically treated" lumber.

    3) Because it ain't green.

    4) Because the guy at the store said so.

    Actually he/she didn't have a clue what you asked.

    5) Here a link that says you can and you know everything on the internet is true.

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  7. atomicsmoke

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    I asked the HD lumber dept associate for the vendor info and called them. They said it wasn't treated. They don't treat cedar.
  8. .
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