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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cruizer, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. cruizer

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    Tried my first CB. Cured for 11 days. 1 Tender Quic and 1 brown sugar per lb. Did a rinse and then a fry test and it was great just like it was went right in the smoker at 225. Only problem was is came out at 180. Wanted to pull at 160 but got distracted in town. Too many people. Anyway it came out dry but was absolutely fantastic flavored with CBP. Did one with maple syrup instead of brown sugar. Fried up in a little butter with some fried eggs and fresh bisquits it's great. Thanks to all for the help I have found here to accomplish this feat. Picked up 10 more lbs today. OK now the question I have for you all is. I have read that you cannot overcure. This one went 11 days because I had a call out and could not get home. How long can I push it? Tried to post pics. Did not work. Sorry guess I'll have to try picture pail or whatever you call it. [​IMG]
  2. fire it up

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    Not sure how long you can leave them.
    I know that when you buy things like store bough corned beef they are sitting in their solution for months, then of course you soak them to pull out some of the saltiness/cure. I would think it would be similar with CB but personally I have never gone longer than that with curing anything.
    Whenever I do my pastrami I let it sit for 10 days before smoking and almost every time it is fine without a water soak.
    If there is a set time you shouldn't push past I would be interesting in finding out as well.

    Oh...and where's the pics? [​IMG]
  3. danmcg

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    Well there probably is a limit written down somewhere but I can't tell ya what it is.
    Once you put the meat in cure it starts to kill off the harmful bugs that will spoil the meat.
    I've left ground meat that was cured with #1 in the frig as an experiment, (not intending to eat) and it still looked good a month later.

    The only real problem with curing to long is it will take on more salt, which will require more of a water soak to bring it down to what you might like.
  4. cruizer

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    Tried Beer BBQ deal for the nubes. Guess I'll have to go get my granddaughter.[​IMG]
  5. travcoman45

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    I generally do a day a pound fer a wet cure with injection. I wouldn't go much past 11 days if ya really don't have ta.
  6. shooterrick

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    well I don't think if you measure correctly you can over cure. My understanding is that the nitrites are fairly short lived so at some point you are just absorbing salt. Now when I say nitrites are faily short lived I mean that they have done there job and begin to break down at some point after the cure cycle is completed. The exact chemistry eludes me as I am already drinking Disorono sours. LOL Check the book by Kutas if at your disposal for the exact chemistry. Remember that even cured foods will spoil at some point.

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