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Discussion in 'Grilling Fish' started by foamheart, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Not too many pictures with this, wasn't planing to post it actually. But it was unbelieveably delicious. So lets get to it.

    Courtbouillon, one of its many spellings, its pronounced  Coo-bee-yahn. There are as many ways that we make it there are to spell it. I spell it Courtbouillon because it reminds me of the french cooking. Its really a poached seafood with a bunch of sweated fresh veggies. Its almost like a Bouillabasisse..... To me its a thin watery but light and flavorful dish, served over rice. So you could even call it a gumbo. LOL

    Its citrus time on the gulf coast, we actually had our winter last week, one night we had a freeze! So all the backyard citrus had to be picked. Meyers lemons, ruby red grapefruits, navel oranges, satsumas, kumquats, etc..... So I thought of a courtbouillon when a friend dropped off some fresh catfish steaks. Steaks? Well yes we grow big catfish here and cut steaks off of them and have to have special recipes to cook them.

    BTW I showed some grapefruits my Baby Sis brought last week I think here's a small basket of them, they are my favorite!

    LOL..... I didn't get this many lemons..... I still have zip locks in the freezer of juices frozen in ice cube trays from last year, or was it years before last <shrugs>

    Cut catfish steaks into large pieces. Add salt & Pepper, hot sauce, green onions, parsley, lea & perrins, bitters and thyme and pour over fish. Set aside. You can add a touch of a cajun seasoning if you like but its supposed to be a light thin meal about the veggies as much as the fish or seafood. Don't over power it.

    Large sauce pan, melt butter, add a few drops of olive oil. Cut garlic in half, place cut side down in the skillet, add trinity, tomatoes and tomato paste, place heat to the very lowest setting and cover. Let the veggies sweat for 15 to 30 mins till translucent (cooked).

    Drain the juices off the catfish into the pot. Stir and bring back to a boil.

    Real rice, not precooked, par-boiled, or left over..... I like medium grain with this thin gravy.

    Add the pieces of fish gently to the pot, top with the greenery and sliced lemons. Add water to not quite cover fish. Return almost to a boil, replace the lid and turn off the fire. Walk away. You are finished until serving, Let set 15 mins. DO NOT EVER STIR once fish is added.

    Serve over hot rice!

    I appoligize, no bear pictures but it completely disappeared in a flash! **POOF*** Gone! 
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great Kevin!

    Haven't made that in a real Long time!

    Good stuff!

  3. smokinal

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    That looks delicious Kevin!


  4. tropics

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    Kevin that looks like it could be a hearty meal.I guess shrimp would work well with that,not many catfish around here. Points

  5. foamheart

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    Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Richie its better with fish, what is your large baking fish there? Snapper? Grouper?  The real reason for the recipe is using fish that is really big. Here a lot of snapper and red fish is used and fish is cleaned and all the spices and herbs just laid into the gut cavity, then the fish is laid out on top of the veggies..... It makes would normally be a heavy oily fish become a light summer faire. The lemon just brings out all those veggies and it really refreshes the taste. Yes I have used shrimp, but normally if I use shrimp its with the fish.

    Some folks make court-bouillon into a thick stew you can eat on a plate, much like a creole. AND I am not saying its not good too! 

    Had a lot of it when in High School, especially during lent. They used government surplus dried shrimps and fish. I never understood how anyone could complain about out lunchroom meals...LOL

    I notice its the coastal crowd here commenting too....LOL
  6. tropics

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    Kevin sorry the fish you named are nowhere near here,I would guess Cod ( could be wormy) Haddock, Pollock, Blackfish

    Thanks again I will save this

  7. foamheart

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    Richie whats the local fish that folks bake?  Doesn't have to be salt water. 
  8. crankybuzzard

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    This sounds really good.  
  9. tropics

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    I never tried any fresh water other then Salmon 

  10. Hey Kevin, that really looks good, I could go for some, You deliver to East Texas ?    Points     [​IMG]

  11. halfsmoked

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    Sure looks like something we could use for cold weather rib sticking food.  [​IMG]for a great meal.

  12. disco

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    Great looking dish, Kevin. In these parts, Court Bouillon is a thin stock used to poach many things but usually fish so your dish would fit right in! I love poached fish and the acid of a court bouillon makes it wonderful!


  13. foamheart

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    Its not camp food, its usually something special food like a bisque. Course you could cook it at the camp but with all the pot stirrers, it would be a mess. LOL
    Richie not sure what I like best, fresh or salt water. But catfish was easiest to come by as a kid. We could walk behind the levee and catch huge ones. Heck back then on a sunny afternoon you'd have trouble getting a line in a wet spot on the side of the road........ LOL  Couple a years we actually used hoop traps, till fish & game decided we needed a commercial licence. we'd set a hoop next to every river shrimp box. You need to try some  sac-a-lait, bass, catfish.
  14. foamheart

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    You are not far from Sam Rayburn. With the weather these days, be a good day to catch a few, drink a few, fresh fish make the pot even sweeter.

    Thank you sir.
    Thank you.

    Its a really light summer kinda food. But you should try it and see what you think. Don't worry about the quanity, it only looks like a lot. But you want to be able to get some for your self out the pot..... Seriously it evaporates!
    So you still snowed in? When do ya expect the spring thaw? Betting that old hot tub would have felt pretty good about now!

    Thanks my friend, mine is the same thing. The first time I had a bouibaisse I could not imagine anything better. Its like a Bouibaisse with more flavor in the broth. I am sorry to say I am like most and never even think of poaching and I know I love it. 
  15. Looking good Foam. It's been a long time since I cooked a courtbouilloin, now I have an anvie for one.
  16. disco

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    We have about 2 feet of snow on the ground and it was minus 22 this AM so I would say we are still awaiting the thaw. It is supposed to warm up to around 0 next week but I will believe it when I see it.

    I get poached as She Who Must Be Obeyed likes it but fish is so expensive right now, we aren't eating a lot. As far as that goes, I am on day 5 of a cold that is trying to get me to externalize a lung so I am not eating much if anything. I'm surviving on hot tea with rum in it.

  17. foamheart

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    Thanks Cecil

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