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  1. I'm planning on doing my 3rd brisket starting tonight.  This time I bought an aluminum pan to place under the brisket.  I've read on here that many place beef broth, onions, and garlic in the pan and let the drippings fall in to make a sauce to moisten the flat cuts.  What would the best process be to follow?  I have an MES 40 and it has a water pan I usually keep full on the very bottom.  Do I fill the aluminum dripping pan with a good amount of beef broth, onions, and garlic at the very beginning and let it go for the entire 12-14 hours?  Do I also keep water in the bottom drip plan like usual?  Any tips or tricks are appreciated!
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    Let the water pan stay on the bottom with water.  Place the ingredients of your choice into the foil pan and set under the brisket.  Keep the foil pan under the meat until you double foil at 165* Internal Meat Temp.  Set the pan drippings aside.  You will also wind up with a a lot of drippings inside the foil; add those to your earlier drippings and finish as an aus jus or gravy.

  3. Thanks James!  That's what I was thinking.  How much broth should I start out with in the pan to make sure it doesn't all evaporate?  
  4. When I do a brisket I use a bottle of beer and about 8 ounce of broth (along with onions and sometimes some garlic). I also make a rack out of wooden skewers (poke them through the pan just under the lip and they act like a make-shift roasting rack). What that does is allows you to have the meat over a pan without wasting rack space on the pan alone. It also keeps the meat out of the juices so it will help develop a crust as well as allow smoke to get all around the meat. This is my key to a VERY moist brisket.
  5.  I would start with a ½" deep in the pan to start, And add more as needed.

       [​IMG]  and remember the Qview [​IMG]
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    What they said. Good luck!

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