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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inkjunkie, Sep 23, 2015.

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    After reading a very informative thread on here I have decided to season our CI stuff the "right way". We have some new Lodge stuff being delivered today in addition to the 3 skillets and a DO that I seasoned using Canola. Will be stripping the stuff I seasoned. Should I also strip the "Lodge Factory Seasoning? Guessing I should but....
    How about the 2 CI lids, should they be seasoned as well? Or can we just hit them with Canola prior to each use?
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    Noooooooo!!!!! DO NOT USE CANOLA OIL on cast iron.

    Yes, I would strip the Lodge factory "seasoning" or at least augment it with a proper seasoning with flax seed oil.  This is the proper oil to season with and to lightly re-coat a cast iron pan/pot with between cooks.  The initial seasoning is somewhat lengthy to do right, but it will reward you in the long run.  Done right, cast iron is as non-stick as the best ceramic or teflon and can even be used to fry eggs without sticking.  Yes, I would also season the lids to protect them, but you may not want to put as many coats on them.

    Here is a thread on the ultimate and correct way to season cast iron.

    Some grocery stores will have flax seed oil in the health food area and it is usually refrigerated.  If your local grocery does not have it try a vitamin shop or health food store.  Again it will likely be refrigerated.  One bottle will last dang near forever unless you have a ton of cast iron.
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    As a follow up.  Do not use canola for "seasoning" of cast iron.   You can use it for frying and cooking after the pan is properly seasoned with flax seed oil.  I would still lightly touch up with flax seed oil after washing/cleaning the cast iron no matter what oil I used to cook or fry with.

    Flax seed oil is not really made for cooking in, but it is perfect for forming that non-stick hard carbon seasoning coat.
  4. inkjunkie

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    Sorry for not being all that clear...

    Will do the SEASONING with Flax Seed Oil...

    Will be COOKING with Canola/lard/butter etc.

    If I am wrong please do correct me. Will be following the directions in the link you provided.

    Also, any touch ups on the seasoning will be done with the Flax Seed oil....
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    You're on the right track inkjunkie. Be sure to take pics and start a thread to let us know how it went! good luck!
  6. inkjunkie

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    Will do on the thread

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