Cast iron doors, vents, etc.

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  1. Is there a source for these items? I'm planning a concrete block/wood smoker. Thanks, Bill
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    You might try a online search for wood stove supplies and parts. Replacement doors for particular models (look for the size, shape, style you like), pipes, dampers, etc should all be available online and locally in many areas. Many home centers carry wood stove and fireplace kits, door gasket materials, etc. You may need to be a little creative for intake draft controls, as they'll need to be home-made, or, manufactured OEM parts which will require being attached to your firebox per their specs.

    A simple intake air control is a stud welded to a steel face with 4 holes around the stud in a cross-orientation. Weld a round disc or large washer to a nut (nut on outside when mounted) with a hole for the stud to pass through...spin onto stud. To open, turn the disc left-hand, to close, turn the disc right-hand...clearance between the disc and firebox face controls the air flow...easy, effective and infinite adjustment.


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