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  1. I have bought hog casings that are supposed to be 32-35 mm and just bought sheep casings that were supposed to be 22-27 mm hoping that they would be more "hot dog size" but they were not. I could hardly get them onto the 3/8 stuffer  tube and the size was more like a breakfast link.  I cant seem to find any natural casings that are inbetween these two sizes....

    do they exist?  going by what the bags advertize, Id probably like something in the 28-30 mm
  2. Syracuse Casing Co., Inc.

  3. I checked web site, price is slightly high but not too bad.  Is the quality good?  The Lem ones I have are kind of iffy.
  4. Lots of folks use Syracuse Casing Co and even though I haven't tried them, those that have like the results.

    As far as LEM, I refuse to buy them because they can come from so many different countries and the specific country is listed.
  5. I've gotten good and bad casings from almost all suppliers.
    Definitely avoid the home pack casings like you have now, they're shorts and seconds.
    Especially avoid Chinese casings.
    You do get what you pay for.
    Syracuse Casing's price does include the shipping.

  6. The biggest problem with the LEM ones is the size difference out of the same package
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    I stand by the butcher & packer casings.... Never been dissapointed. Sheep casings should be 22-24mm for your ny style hot dog and 24-26mm is your larger hot dog diameter.... 32-34mm hog is your brat size and kielbasa is 38-42mm and your thick kielbasa is 42- 44mm hogs
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    I think Sausage Maker sells the Chinese casings ... their sheep are pure junk and full of holes.  Beware.

    Home Pack is also a poor product from DeWield.
  9. On the site listed above, They have hog casings 29-32 and sheep 28+,   I think I will try the 29-32 hog casings, I'm thinking the lem that were supposed to be 32-35 were actaully running big in the pack I have, because the smaller ones in that pack were just right. ( but some were plain out huge!)  If they are too big, I'll try the sheep.

    I want to do 1/4 lb hot dogs / German sausages,  With the casings I have, if I make them bun length they will end up 1/3 to 1/2 pounders.

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