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  1. Ok sausage makers,  break me down the casing types / sizes exc.  what types are best for fresh sausage and hot smoking?  What are best for Italian and breakfast.?  I see that breakfast sausages from the grocery store have collegan casings? What do you prefer?
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    Great information Joe ....Thanks for the post........
  5. Nice read. Thanks man!
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    Backyard, morning..  I really like the natural casings.... I love the "snap" when you bite into them... like the "old days" as a kid growing up...

    You can twist them, link them, ring them, and they are a natural food product.... of course I am an old phart that likes old stuff and they are primarily for dogs, brats and the like..... All depernds on what you are making...   Dave
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    Interesting read! Thanks Joe!
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    Agree 100% You cannot reproduce that special snap in the natural casings. [​IMG]
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    Joe, thanks for the link. Good read and imfo.[​IMG]

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