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  1. I tried to make a batch of snack sticks today. This was the first time using the new stuffer and I did not notice it did not come with a 3/8" small tube. I could not use my 17mm LEM casings I had. So I had to run to the local store and get 3/4" casings (unknown type) and I think they are clear collagen casings. The store own told me to soak them first as they didn't have a package, or directions. I soaked them for thirty minutes and I started having them blow open if I put any pressure on them stuffing them. I had some blow open after resting on the platter waiting to go to the smoke house.  If I just bent it wrong slightly they would just blow open. Some even split the entire length of 3' while stuffing.

    So, how did I do this wrong, or where these just bad casings? Some split open like on a  seam and some when trying to remove all the meat seemed spiraled like paper on a cardboard tube is wrapped when making them

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    Over stuffing can cause blow out. Air pockets in the meat, while your stuffing the meat puts pressure on the pocket and results in a blown casing.

    Tip: never soak edible collagen casings. doing so softens them and you will blow them out. Collagen has a memory and will go back to its original shape if you twist.

    Also you did use cure in the meat?
  3. I put #1 cure in it, yes. So edible casing I can't soak. Now I know what the problem was, thanks.

    I just need to establish a supply from LEM or Amazon and stick with the casing and then i know what to so. Thanks.

    The longer I stuffed I started getting air along the tube. I am not sure how it gets in there or how to prevent it. I tried hand packing the meat in the stuffer container to push air out before suffing, but maybe it wasn't helping?
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    If you're talking about air on the outside of the tube, that's pretty normal for me. Just ignore it and control the feed with your left hand and watch your casings to let them slide out when full.
    Never soak collogen.
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    SausageMaker or one of the other online suppliers is where you need to buy your casings, not LEM.
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    I have great results with Sausage Maker and Butcher packer casings, 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    They may have given you "hot dog casings" that are split, to remove the casing, after cooking...   They are inedible cellulose....   Did they have a stripe on them when you got them.....
  8. They called them snack stick casings, but I don't know as they were not in a package I could research now. They did seem to split very evenly and inline like there wasa seam. There was no line at all and they were just a translucent white when dry. It will be the last time I buy supply from the little country store. :)

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